Car Port Curation: A Beginner’s Guide to Garage Design

Our garage is not only a safe haven for our cars. With today’s contemporary garage designs, it is clearly reflected that it also doubles as a storage powerhouse for our sports equipment, power tools, and lawn and garden machinery. Based on a 2017 report, it was found that the aforesaid space is perceived as the ultimate clutter hotspot among Australian homes. Recognizing it as a problematic area, homeowners are looking for the best tricks to regain extra space by remodelling their overall design.

Basically, the first step in reclaiming the purpose of your garage is by assessing your current situation. You can simply do this by evaluating the garage’s current condition and identifying the core causes of clutter. As you do this, you may also start organizing some of the seasonal or personal items and eliminating what you do not need. These initial steps can mean a huge difference in the results of the garage remodelling.

The second step involves critical thinking about how the homeowners want to utilize the garage space. Knowing the space’s purpose is already half the battle, as a huge chunk of the design will greatly depend on this. With a clear goal on how it will be used, strategic planning on the overall aesthetics and storage systems will be a walk in the park.

Undertaking a garage remodel and design is not as easy as conceptualizing for other areas in the home. After a thorough assessment of the situation and the purpose of the space, you can start by nailing down the possible expenses and developing the initial interior design. However, do note that the designing part may take some time, depending on how you will go about the shock upgrades remodel- professional service or DIY.

To transform the garage into a modern and luxurious space, there are three major things that you should cover as you do the initial design, such as the modern storage and organization systems, interior colour palettes, and the detailed floor plan.

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Make Every Inch of the Wall Count

There is nothing wrong with admitting that the garage is a catch-all for stocking our unused items and seasonal equipment for more of us. In fact, most of the garages are so packed with other things that some of us are actually finding it hard to park the car inside. With this being said, you must put a premium on decluttering the space by adding functional specialty storage tracks and Slatwall panels.

Regardless of your garage’s size, one of the easiest ways to gain extra space is by turning the wall into an opportunity. Contrary to traditional designs, which usually include huge cabinets with an almost unlimited number of drawer space, considering wall storage can level-up your garage game.

Wall storage systems can transform ordinary walls into a more functional and flexible storage solution. You can simply do this by installing permanent heavy-duty steel brackets and tracks. What makes this a perfect DIY project is that it is relatively easy to install and maintain. For instance, if you want mountain bikes stored in the limited space, then you can lean them against the wall for an instant solution.

But suppose you find yourself having multiple items in your inventory with different sizes. In that case, the Slatwall panel is the obvious choice. Slats are used along with various attachments such as hooks, bins, and even shelves, making it an ultra-versatile fixture. Besides being easy to install, homeowners can customize how it will be used and how it will look.

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Pay Attention to Aesthetics

Accenting a wall is an interior design idea that should also be used in your garage makeover. As you can see from traditional designs, garages used to be one of the most forgotten areas with dim lights and semi-painted walls. To step-up a plain old garage, you should consider adding a fresh coat of paint with popping hues to make the space standout. Doing so can help transform the space as it will become a better extension of the house’s living space.

Natural light is the hallmark of today’s modern garage designs. To increase natural light inside the space, you may do this by simply adding windows, installing skylights, or investing in a glass garage store. There are many choices for this one. Still, it all boils down to the amount you are willing to spend on this aesthetic element.

Another major thing that can make or break your design is the garage flooring. You see, if you are planning to ultimately make the garage feel like an extension of the existing home, choosing high-quality garage flooring can do the trick. There are different choices for this one depending on the design and the purpose of the room. Some of the popular options are garage rolls, specialty tiles, anti-fatigue floor mats, gym flooring, and epoxy coating.

Rework your Layout

Your layout is something that should be done overnight. To make an efficient garage design, you should also focus on making it as detailed as possible. Suppose you are planning to DIY the remodel. In that case, details such as suppliers, cost, color, and design should be added in the descriptions of the final layout. Not only does it help in checking if you are still on a budget, but it also reduces the possibility of encountering mistakes.

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Additionally, you must also keep in mind the purpose you are setting for the garage. For instance, if you plan to turn it into a parking space and media room, you have to also take into account the budget and space for large screen displays, couches, and maybe a mini-fridge. On the other hand, if you are thinking of transforming it into a home gym, you may consider adding a matching specialty gym flooring and an exhaust fan for ventilation.


For most of us, a garage is more than just a place with a roof and four walls. While it may be often overlooked in terms of home improvement plans, it can be transformed as one of the most functional and entertaining parts of the home. Whether you are looking into improving the market value and curb appeal or simply considering a design upgrade, the basic design should always focus on making the space look fresh, modern, and presentable.

While it may be true that you can commission the work to interior decorators and professional designers, taking the DIY route is still one of the best ways to truly reflect your personality into your home space. At the end of the day, whether you are a beginner or a pro designer, it is only you who understands best what you need and want in your garage.

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