5 Best Ways To Prepare Your Bathroom For This Winter

No one likes to get up in the morning. More specifically, no one likes to leave the warm snugness of the bed and drag their feet into that freezing cold bedroom. Make sure you banish those horrible memories forever with our winter bathroom tips.

{ 1 } Start with a nice bathroom rug

Those quasi-permafrost tiles are perhaps the most formidable enemy to your feet in the morning. So instead of treading precariously and hopping from one foot to the next, why not – quite literally – brush the problem under the rug? It’s a simple step that could make a world of difference to your mood.

{ 2 } Get heated floors

A classier solution to the permafrost tiles – if you have the budget for it. Though radiant-heated flooring is perhaps not as expensive as you might think, it could mean some renovation is in order. But in the long run, it’ll feel impressive. If your feet are warm, you’ll feel warm all over.

{ 3 } Consider a booster set for your shower

Nobody likes a weak shower, especially if you’re relying on a stream of hot water to warm up your naked body (that’s also, you’re acutely aware, now standing on the inside of a cold bathroom tub or shower floor). A booster set will improve the water pressure, giving you that monsoon shower you either deserve or never thought to buy.Leave no part of the skin sun-drenched; close your eyes and imagine you’re actually standing in the tropics, in the hot and inviting rain. It’s also worth mentioning that a warm shower has numerous health benefits from helping to prevent stress to improving blood circulation.

{ 4 } Purchase cosy towels

Make sure you have a collection of warm, fluffy towels to cocoon yourself in after a shower. After your shower in your nice warm bathroom, you may want to dry your hair with a quiet hair dryer to avoid disturbing anyone still sleeping. The chances are you already know how quickly the cold can bite, no matter how warm the water was. Sif your current inventory is looking pretty grim, all old and cold and thin, then consider investing in some new ones. Choose warm colours to brighten up the room and add that extra bit of psychological comfort.

And keep them on a towel warmer

If you can keep the towels warm, then you’ve completely kept the cold at arm’s length (actually, you’ve done better because your arms will still be warm). A towel warmer not only keeps the towels inviting and that extra bit comforting, but they encourage reuse. Which in the long run can cut down on water and electricity costs – perfect!

{ 5 } Have the lights on ‘warm’

Like with the warm coloured towels, you can similarly install ‘warm’ looking lights. With a glow like that of a naked flame, it can really make a difference. Alternatively (and this is for when you’re getting home at the end of the day), scented candles can add to the allure, helping you to relax and destress, bringing some of the living room with it.

The bathroom doesn’t have to – and shouldn’t – be something to dread. Hopefully, with our recommendations, you’ll get that extra spring in your step during the darker months.

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