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Best Interior Designers in Mumbai

What can be more relieving and soothing than getting a chance to live with the one you love most? After getting into a relationship I and Nikku were unable to be together. Either it was his job or sometimes my studies which were keeping us apart for these continuous 12 months. I was really excited about having a home with him and I just imagined that how I will be decorating and designing the whole house. I discussed all these certain factors with Nikku too and he too was quite excited for the same. He knew me and also my love for the beautiful and well-organized house.

When we shifted in, we found it really difficult to do the designing on our own as both of us hardly got any time to do so. We were quite busy with our jobs and our freelancing works which we had to continue after our office hours. After a lot of discussions, both of us decided to hire one of the best Interior Designers in Mumbai. After all, it was me and my love could have done anything to make me smile. I am really thankful to him for making every moment of my life count for me. We both started hunting for the best professional in the town and unlike every possible person, we were quite confused about the finding the right professional. I even asked Nikku to drop the idea of hiring the interior designer. But he knew well that I will be sad and obviously he could not have seen me sad, so secretly he decided to find the one all on his own.

He started hunting for the right one by asking Google to suggest him few of the best professionals in the town, but the websites he landed over was not that attractive to gain our attention and yes he was quite disappointed by the websites which claimed to bring the best Interior Designers in Mumbai to your doorstep. Most of the contact details were not in the service anymore and few with whom we, fortunately, got connected proved to be the worst in terms of their portfolios.

UrbanClap got us the one we were looking for

Nikku is the one who will not let me get sad for anything, If I would have asked him to bring the moon to me he could have done that for me then it was just a professional which I asked him to get. He was hunting for the best interior designer in Mumbai restlessly and I was really worried about him as he was moving to the studios and spent all day long discussing the things with them. After a lot of restless days, I found him tired and just asked him to lay his head on my lap. While he was resting peacefully, I was searching for someone to design our place so that he can be relieved from all the tensions.

While I was surfing the net, an advertisement of an application named UrbanClap popped on the screen which assured to be the best app for finding the service providers. I took my phone and searched for the same in the Google Play store. After finding the same app in the store, I took no time to click on the download button to get the application downloaded on my phone. Within no time the app got installed on my device and I opened the same to find the best Interior Designers in Mumbai. But, soon I realised that I needed to get registered on the application to avail the inevitable services they are offering. It took me another few seconds to enter few of my required details to get me registered on the application.

Soon I received the welcome message on my number from the UrbanClap team and I started searching for the one we were actually looking for. I must say it was quite easy to use the application and I found it a real paradise as it doesn’t take away Nikku from me for long hours. While stroking his hairs, I was going through the huge list which flashed on my phone’s screen after entering the desired professional I was looking for. I started reviewing the ratings which they received from their previous clients. I too took enough time reading the reviews carefully to shortlist the professionals.

How to find the required professionals from UrbanClap?

Finding the right professional from UrbanClap is really not that tough, and you can really do it with an ease. All the while when my honey was sleeping peacefully in my lap, I already had shortlisted the professionals on the basis of the ratings and the reviews they received from their clients. It is always advised to look for the ratings and to read the reviews carefully while availing any service or purchasing anything online. So, I did the same and after some more brainstorming, I started sending them personal messages to ask them for their price quotes, their portfolios and the services they would be offering to us. Now I was a bit relieved as I was sure that I will be able to get the best Interior Designer in Mumbai from the UrbanClap app.

Soon after I sent the messages to the professionals, I started receiving e-mails from them in which the price and services to be offered was clearly mentioned and the portfolio was attached. I was mesmerised by few of the eye-catching portfolios and after a lot of self-discussion, I finalised the one professional who seemed to have quite good experience in that particular field. I called her to confirm a face to face meeting with her in order to let her know what we wanted him to do in order to help us in designing our place. Nikku too was awake after hearing me talking with someone and asked me in gesture, whom I was talking too. I just laid him down on the bed and told him to take rest; after all, we already had found the one we were looking for.

Why to use UrbanClap App?

UrbanClap is highly advisable by me as it is the only app which will bring you the best professional straight to your door step and that too in a matter of few hours. You don’t need to bother and don’t need to visit the professionals. Just a few clicks and the one you require will be there to help you. Nikku and I sat with Mrs KarishmaChanna from Paradise Designers located in Bandra to discuss what we wanted from her and her entire team.

She understood everything and assured us that our home will be designed in same way we wanted to. Her assurance was true and indeed Paradise Designers turned our little place in no less than a Paradise. I am really thankful to her and her whole team for making our home so beautiful. I feel it mandatory to mention that they received 5 stars from their previous clients and we too will recommend them to anyone who is willing to renovate their homes or office spaces.

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