Choosing the Right Snow Blower for Small Yards


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There is a lot to look forward to in winter. For starters, there are the holidays. Everyone loves to cuddle next to the fireplace with a hot cup of coffee or chocolate.

The downside of the winter season is finding your yard all covered up with snow. Someone has got to do the showering! Good thing there is a snow blower for small yards to make the job a lot easier.

Know Your Snow

Snow blowers or snow throwers as they are often also called allow you to remove snow in an efficient and quick way. These machines take the place of manual snow showing and can save a lot of time and labour hours.

Choosing the best snow blower depends on how big or small the area you are going to clear it. It also depends on the type of snow you would usually remove. You can spend a few hundred for a snow blower that just needs to do a few dustings. You can also spend over a thousand dollars for one that should clear heavy snowfalls.

Types of Snow Blowers

Snow blowers come in single two and three -stage types. Here are the differences between each type of snow blower.

{ 1 } Single-stage Snow Blowers

  • Electric ( corded or cordless) or gas powered
  • Electric snow bellows require less maintenance than the gas powered models
  • Gas models are able to handle greater intake heights and clearing widths than electric snow blowers. Yo can find the best snow blowers at
  • Gas models are more powerful than the electric ones.
  • Light and easy to handle
  • Ideal for dealing with mid-size areas with up to 8 inches of snowfall.
  • Ideal for paved surfaces without gravel and rocks.
  • Manual driven wheels.

How it Works: An auger gets into contact with the surface and drives the snow through to the discharge chute.

{ 2 } Two-stage Snow Blowers

  • Gas powered
  • Ideal for dealing with large areas with over 8 inches of snowfall.
  • Engine-driven wheels for uneven terrain
  • In some models, the auger can be elevated through skid shoes for unpaved surfaces.
  • Collects snow farther and faster than a single-stage blower.
  • Offers less fatigue or stress to the operator.
  • Engine-powered wheels

How it Works: An auger and impeller fan gathers the snow. Snow is then discharged through a discharge chute. The auger does not get into contact with the surface so it can be used in areas with gravel and rocks.

{ 3 } Three-stage Snow Blowers

  • Gas-powered
  • Takes less time to handle large areas and more snow.

How it Works: Comes with an accelerator that can collect heavy snow 10 times faster than an auger can. It can collect snow from 50 feet away. This type of snow blower is seldom used in homes.

Picking a Snow Blower for Your Small Yard

When picking a snow blower for your small yard there are other factors you need to consider. In the onset, you would think that you would only need a single-stage snow blower or a snow thrower because of the size of your yard. However, take a look at some of the other considerations.

  • The area you need to clear. You need to be aware of two measurements. The clearing width refers to patch width the snow blower can clear. You larger the width you can work at one time, the quicker you can clear the entire area. For a small yard, you will need a snow blower that has a patch width of between 30-40 inches.
  • The intake height refers to the snow height the blower you choose can handle. For deep snow, you will need a snow blower with higher intake height. Light snow will only require a 12-inch intake height while a medium to heavy snow will need an 18-24 inch intake height.
  • The amount of snow you need to clear. If the snowfall does not get to be in excess of 8 inches thick, a single stage snow blower is sufficient. In excess of 8 inches, you will need a two-stage snow blower with has a larger engine and more intake space.
  • The kind of snow you need to clear. If you will only be clearing light snow, a single-stage snow blower is more than enough. For wet, heavy or hard-packed snow, the impeller of a two-stage snow blower can do the job in less time.
  • Terrain Type. If your small yard is a level surface, a single-stage snow blower which is assisted by an auger is suitable. If you have a sloped terrain, you can need a snow blower with engine powered wheels.
  • Gas vs Electric. Gas powered snow blowers are larger and stronger. Electric models are quieter, cleaner and cheaper, though.
  • Corded vs. Cordless Electric Snow Blowers. Corded electric snow blowers are cheaper but the cordless models provide more mobility.

Ease of use and manoeuvrability should also be taken into consideration as well as ease in storage. Choosing the right snow blower for small yards can make clearing snow faster and more efficient.

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