Planning Ahead: Preparing Your Home for a Power Outage

As a child, the thought of a power outage often conjured up the idea of a spooky, but almost fun adventure. The use of torches and candles to light the way, and wrapping up warm under as many blankets as you could find. As an adult, the prospect of a power outage is a far less exciting prospect.

Continue reading for our guide to planning ahead in order to prepare your home for this scenario.

Emergency Kit

It is always worthwhile having an emergency kit that you can find easily in case of losing your power supply. Consider putting a wind-up torch in there as you can guarantee a battery-operated one would run out when you needed it most. Additionally, a blanket, a small amount of cash, a first aid kit and some non-perishable food items would also come in useful. Be sure to have a list of telephone numbers to hand as well. We rely so heavily on cell phones these days that we generally do not memorize numbers as we used to. A phone’s battery will only last so long, so having this list could come in really handy. A ready charged battery pack for your cell phone may also be a useful addition. However, you would need to ensure that it is charged as the pack’s energy can deplete over time if unused.
Emergency Kit

Emergency Generator

In some homes, access to electrical equipment is far more important than in others. For example, vulnerable people may require medication, medical equipment, warmth and certain home comforts. As explained by Captain Electric, having an emergency generator within your property can also help to prevent food spoilage (as a result of the refrigerator or freezer not working), damp and flood damage. If you have room in the outside space on your property, this is certainly an option to consider, particularly if you do accommodate people with certain illnesses or the area in which you live is prone to power outages.

Wood Burner

Having a wood burner within your house can save you a fortune on electricity anyway, but can be an absolute lifesaver when it comes to power cuts. It is amazing how much space a wood burner can heat with very little wood needed at a time. Although most homes tend to have a combination of electric powered central heating as well as a wood burner, this would be an excellent option in preparation for the event of a power outage.
Wood Burner

Contingency Plans

Having plans in place for the ‘just in case’ occasions is really important. For example, ensuring that you have a coal or gas-fired barbecue on which to cook is a great idea. Having a selection of lanterns with candles already in them, ready to be used, is another good thing to have planned. Make sure you know exactly where the matches are kept.


We all feel the cold when the heating goes off and are worried about our toes and fingers being freezing cold. Do not forget about your pipes. Frozen pipes could lead to a disaster in your home. Avoid this scenario by ensuring they are insulated well. Heating tape is another suitable option.

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