Perking Up your Home with Simple Illuminations

Perking Up your Home with Simple Illuminations

Since the invention of the lightbulbs, lighting has always served a functional purpose in our everyday lives. Lights nowadays come in different shapes, colors and forms, while they still retain their functional purpose, they now serve an aesthetic purpose. Be it you’re doing this to bright up your home or profession as a designer or planner, you’ll always want to go for reliable websites like, to come through and deliver you a quality and durable product.

Lighting plays a major and essential role in brightening up a place. Decoration lights, disco balls, LED strips, fairy lights and the such are all different types of light that can be used in various ways and occasions. These are just some of the best ways to use these lights.

Fairy Lights

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Fairy lights are a special type of string lights where, instead of large bulbs, smaller low lighting bulbs are used. These lights are very subtle and don’t exactly offer a lot of lighting but go well with complementing pre-existing lights. They come in a myriad of colors and offer the ability to transform a place to be something dreamy and magical as the name implies.

They function well indoors and outdoors so you can experiment and see which suits your needs. They’re usually hanged low or are loosely bound unto surface to complement the soft glow they give. You also don’t need a lot of fairy lights as too much can ruin its mystical feel. A small simple yet effective way to brighten up a gloomy place.

String Lights

Similar to fairy lights, string lights are generally larger and when joined together can shine really bright that it would almost be the only light you’ll need for the night. They work the best outdoors as you can really brighten up any place such as your backyard or front yard. They’re easy to manage and hang up while also being cheap without costing too much to fill your aesthetic needs.

String lights are highly versatile as they’re normally used to make outlines or shapes out of everyday objects. Serving as essential lights for decorators, planners and interior designers. We can see them all around such as leaf hedges with string lights outlining them or metallic wireframes of people, letters or animals which light up to show the shape in night through the usage of string lights. I’d highly recommend having a few in case you need a little something to spice up an occasion or gathering in home.

Decorative Lights

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Decorative lights are more of an umbrella term for any lights that aren’t conventionally shaped or were made with more of the aesthetical purpose in mind. Examples of decorative lights are lanterns which can either be mounted or hanged to give a vintage or classic feel to the place. Another example is spherical ball lights usually used to replace ceiling lights. They give equal lighting all around and normally come in groups of 3s. An even more complex example is lighted trees which are man-made trees whose leaves are replaced with small LED lights. They are used to resemble the shape of tree and give a magical touch to its environment as they’re usually incorporated inside malls.

Desk and Table Lamps

Similar to fairy lights these types of lights are accent lights which are used to either complement either already present light or can serve as standalone lighting if you don’t require that much lighting. They can be placed strategically so you can use them functionally when the wall switch is too far like by your bedside. They also are very cost efficient as they provide the same amount of lighting a ceiling light can provide but in a smaller more concentrated place. 

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