How to Maintain Landscape Lighting to Keep Your Home Glowing

Like your pool or car, the landscape lighting systems need routine maintenance. Reputed dealers like  have excellent lighting options and they offer installation and maintenance as well. 

The maintenance helps prevent expensive repairs soon. It keeps your system at its best. Continue and proper maintenance with simple upkeeps and adjustments will enable the lighting to provide beauty. In this article, you will get simple tasks to do in the maintenance process. Remember, prevention is worth a pound of cure. 

Inspect the fixtures

Check the shape of the fixtures. Are they in straight form? Do they hit their target as before? With time, freeze cycles may make the earth move and heave. The process can skew the target of fixtures on the ground. Continued skewing will affect the fixture, and the lights will miss their targets. 

Check if the fixtures are still watertight. When moisture enters a fixture, it leads to corrosion. It damages the inner components. Always ensure that the fixtures are watertight to keep water out. Check if water deposits are building upon the fixture lens. Remove them for the light to travel. 

Growing trees poses a threat to fixtures and outdoor lighting by encroaching them. Back up, the hanger bolts several turns as the tree grows. It would be best if you also resecured any loose wires onto the tree trunk. 

Tall vegetation

With time you will note that fixtures get covered by growing vegetation around them. It’s a natural phenomenon that needs pruning and trimming back plant materials. It will open the path for light travel. Clearing this obstruction will cut the damage to the fixtures. It allows them to illuminate and make it easy to continue with the other maintenance tasks. 

Check the exposed wires

Landscape Lighting1

Well-buried wires may get exposed. The growing roots systems and frost heave can cause some wire sections to the surface over time. When it happens, the best step to take is to rebury the wire. Buried wires are safe and less of an eyesore. It’s easy for exposed wires to get damaged or even cause other injuries. They can get damaged by children playing, pets, and even harsh weather conditions. 

Check the landscape changes

Landscapes are organic, and so they never remain static. It’s easy for trees, ground cover, and shrubs to move or grow. The phenomenon alters the landscape as seasons change. When landscape changes happen, recheck your lighting system to ensure it’s working well. Always check landscape changes, especially the thick tree branches from engulfing the fixtures.

Check the transformer

Adjust the timer regularly. The timer can be off by a minute or two after a year of use. Do this to ensure the lights work correctly and on time. 

Check the transformer and the timer control. Is your transformer outlet safely protected from rain? It’s good to have an outlet cover to protect it from moisture brought by irrigation and rainfall. If the moisture gets into the outlet, the GFCI will trip to inhibit any electric shock. If the GFCI trips, the outlet has no power, and you will have to reset to restore power. 

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Replace bulbs

Just like your interior bulbs, the outside bulbs burn out with time, and it would be best to replace them. 

Clean glass lenses

Whether plastic or metal components, use a soft rag and soapy water to remove dirt from the lenses. 

Get rid of debris from fixtures

The debris on fixtures include dirt, mud, fallen leaves, and debris left by insects. It’s a simple process that will improve the illumination capacity. It will also double the life of the fixtures. 


Maintenance is a superb way to prevent future risks. You won’t spend on replacing the entire lighting system. Once in a while, get professionals to service the system to fit your needs. They will address the entire system. They will button up everything to improve performance.

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