Painting Preparation 101: Things You Need to Do Before Hiring Gold Coast Painters

If you have moved into a new property, or you are looking for a cosmetic facelift for your house, you need a new paint job for the interior as well as the exterior. The first step is always hiring an expert painting service like the Wakefield painters Gold Coast.

The following section is a step-by-step guide for what you need to do before starting with the interior painting process. The more you do your share, the less you need to pay the painter service as additional costs. Let us have a look.

Move your furniture

The general practice is to cover furniture with plastic sheets to avoid damage to belongings with paint. But they are still in the way, and plastic sheets never offer complete protection as spillage and accidents can still occur.
Move your furniture

So, it is a great idea to remove the furniture from the room being painted. You can either move all of them to the center of the room or a different part of the property. Furniture that needs removing includes paintings, picture frames, clocks, mirrors, and whatever hangs on the wall.

About outlet covers and switch plates

Every time a furnished building gets painted, the outlet covers and the switch plates get painted on. This doesn’t really hurt the paint job but does look like an error made due to negligence. It is relatively simple to remove the switch plates and the covers. Once the painting is done, you can put them back in their respective places. This is truer when you have antique or vintage fixtures installed at your property.

Allocate a staging area

You need to allocate a staging area in your property for the ease of access to the materials for the painters and experts working at your property. The truth is painters do not carry the bucket of paint along with them. Make room to store the ladders, paints, primers, plastic sheets, and brushes to aid the experts by reducing clutter.

Walls need cleaning

Walls need cleaning
Grease is the biggest enemy of paint. It affects the adhesive strength and shiny property of the paint. So make sure that all the grease is removed from the walls before commencing with the project. This will ensure that you save both time and money in the long run. Along with oil, all the dust and dirt needs cleaning as well, including mending and repair work for interior walls that are cracked or damp.

About the pets

Most of the pet owners do not want to keep their pets secured during a painting project. This means your pets can come and go as they please. This is a big problem during a painting project. When doors, windows, window sills, or wall corners are being painted, it is very vital that you remove your pet from the room and secure it in a different part of the property. You can even ask a loved one to house your pet for a few days until the project is over.

You can save big on time and money by doing your bit. So prepare according to the points mentioned above and as always all the very best.

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