Cockroaches: How to Stop These Crawlers From Invading Your Home?

There are about 4,500 species of cockroaches found on this planet, of which German cockroach are most commonly found in Canada. Apart from this, Canadian cities also see an invasion of other types of cockroaches, such as oriental cockroach, American cockroach, wood cockroach, and brown-striped cockroach. Their resilience makes them one of the oldest insects in the world. They can quickly adapt to any surroundings, provided it is hot, wet, and has an adequate amount of food. These nocturnal insects like to hide by the day and become active as the darkness grows. They can run away and crawl from one room to the other quickly on spotting danger.

Both adult and baby cockroaches carry disease-causing bacteria, which can easily contaminate food and kitchenware. Their saliva, waste, and molted skin can also be harmful to your health, especially if you are prone to asthma. Since they reproduce rapidly, you have to be alert about their existence in any corner of your home to avoid the problem of infestation and the risk of resulting allergic reactions.
Here are some tips that you can apply to make your home free from these creepy insects.

Track the sign of their existence and hiding places in the home

Track the sign of their existence and hiding places in the home

Molted skins, droppings, brown sacs are indicators that they have found a place in your house. Find out if you get any oily or musty smell somewhere. A sight of even one dead or alive cockroach is enough to tell you that there is a need for pest control measures. Generally, they live in the kitchen and bathroom areas. So go to the kitchen and inspect cupboards, the motors of electronic appliances, dishwashers, stoves, and refrigerators. Have a look at your coffeemaker, toaster, and blender also. Even don’t leave water pipes and drains. After that, take a tour of your bathroom for its cabinets and water pipes as well as drains. Check everything, right from garbage cans to gaps in doors, windows, and furniture.

Keep food and dampness away

Kitchen and bathroom make the perfect home for them as they get food and wetness here. So, make sure you don’t leave food and drink in the open. Keep everything sealed. Also, wipe your kitchen floor, countertop, and furniture clean off any oil or food residue. Ensure that there are no dirty dishes in the sink. Keep all the areas dry, including kitchen and bathroom floors, sinks, shower area, etc.
Keep food and dampness away

Block their hiding places

Wall cracks, door frames, and gaps near water pipes shelter them. Caulk all these areas properly. Also, remove paper bags, magazines, newspapers, and other such things because these insects feed on them and lay their eggs there. Keep every area, even the remote corners, spic-and-span.

Use traps or baits

Consider buying insect killing products from a nearby store to get rid of them. Make sure you are taking all the precautions as mentioned on the package label while applying a solution. If they have grown huge in number, it’s better to seek professional cockroach pest control services as only a licensed company can tackle this problem, reducing the risks of health hazards.

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