How to Make Room for a Newborn Baby in a Small House

While babies may not take that much space at home, their stuff definitely does. From clothes, carriers, and even toys, their things can easily fill a room. If you have a small house, space can be an issue.

Now, the good news is that you don’t really have to upgrade your apartment or consider buying a larger home just because you’re having a baby. Below are some really useful tips for maximizing space at home.

From a closet to your baby’s mini-nursery

From a closet to your baby’s mini-nursery

Transforming your bedroom’s closet into a nursery can save you thousands of money in additional rent if you chose to get a larger place. It’s one quick and inexpensive solution to your small space at home.

In transforming your closet, make sure to stick with light colors. White is good since it makes everything look cozy and fresh.

In designing the nursery, avoid filling it with too many accessories and decorations your baby won’t need. It will just make the space look annoyingly cramped.

Combining your office and nursery

Creating the nursery in the same space you are working is actually a practical idea. It won’t just help you save money but it will also allow you to be closer to your child even when you’re working.

The nursery doesn’t really have to take all your working space. In fact, you can just dedicate one corner for the crib. You can use your baby’s cabinets as additional space for keeping your books, pens, and other materials you need for work.

Just make sure that you’re using really high-quality furniture. You see, a lot of toddlers get hurt from climbing drawers and cabinets. To avoid that, consider investing in Amish nursery furniture.

Put your baby’s clothes on display

Get wall racks and use them to put your baby’s clothes on display. This will not only save you space but it can also help avoid the almost inevitable pile-up of clothes most moms struggle with.

Buy space-saving baby gears

Buy space-saving baby gears
Most baby gears are bulky and they can easily take a huge part of your space at home. With that, consider investing in gears that save space.

For example, get strollers that collapse easily or high chairs that can be quickly folded up and stored in between meals. They can be a bit expensive but for parents with limited space at home, they are practical investments.

Invest in bins and baskets

Get the most out of the space underneath your baby’s crib as well as the open shelving you have at home by using bins and baskets. Apart from helping you utilize the open space, they can also make your home feel a little less cluttered.
Invest in bins and baskets
In using bins and baskets, however, remember to label each one. That way, you won’t have to go through all the baskets you have at home just to find what you are looking for.

If you live in a studio apartment, you can keep things attractive by storing things vertically. Get stackable baskets or get bins which you can hang from the ceiling. With the right colors and design, you’ll make your home look prettier.

Final Thoughts

Having a baby can literally change your life and even the space you’re living in. Although small in size, babies require things that can easily pile up if you fail to take control.

As a mom, having a small space at home shouldn’t stop you from giving the best to your child. All it takes is creativity and the willingness to compromise on the space you used to own. And with tips above, you should have no problems making a room for your newborn baby.

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