Outdoor Decorating on a Budget

Your house has a gorgeous patio area, and you start looking through magazines for ideas. You might believe that these designs require a large budget. However, you can create an amazing living space using the following tips and ideas.

You are Decorating a Room

Whether you are decorating a space inside or outside your house, you want to remember you are decorating a room. Therefore, consider dividing large patios into reasonable sections. Here are a few ideas for outdoor areas:

  • Firepit/Grilling – Simple seating around a fire pit with a grill (cabinet with seasonings, paper products, etc.)
  • Dining – Large table with seating (shade from the sun, weather-resistant)
  • Playspace – Sandpit, Jungle Gym, Woodchips or Rubber Tiles

While you are designing, think about how you plan to use each space. Purchase the furniture or accessories to optimize each area.

Use Flooring to Separate Spaces


With so many different flooring options available, each area should be separated using the senses. For dining areas, consider laying down outdoor rugs. They are designed to wash off easily and dry with the sun. However, if you do not have a covering for space, rugs should be avoided. Gravel, sand, or even simple painted cement give a finished appearance. You will want to consider the texture and complementary colors to reach two of your five senses.

Accessorize with Flowers and Greenery

Separating sections using shrubs or floral containers gives a visual representation of walls. Remember that designing requires stimulating the senses. With flowers, your sense of smell, vision, and hearing are all triggered. Research the horticulture natural to your region, and what wildlife they attract. Centerpieces with floral arrangements also make great accessories for any area. Some great vase ideas include glass bottles, mason jars, and decorative pitchers. If you have an event scheduled, consider matching your glasses with the centerpieces.

Take the Inside Out


On days with playdates or evenings with family gatherings, consider using Melamine or sturdy plastic plates for serving food. You give your events a little more elegance while keeping cleaning-up easy. The same is true with throw pillows that can be placed on furniture and then taken back inside at the end of the day.

K.I.S.S. Philosophy Required

While decorating any space, you need to “keep it short and simple.” When you maintain simplicity with color schemes and decorations, your overall look will be cohesive. Select designs using no more than three colors (base color and two accents). Decide on the mood you want to invoke and consult with a designer to determine what shades will get the message across. Finish the look with textures consistent with the appearance.

Once you have the tips for decorating, it is time to put it all together with a budget. Selecting the cheapest outdoor furniture does not mean you are purchasing low-quality. Shop around, both in-person and online, to find the best deals. Repurposing items from thrift stores is a great way to lower costs. Get creative with your decorating, and you can have a beautifully decorated outdoor space without breaking the bank.

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