When You Should Replace Your Siding Instead of Painting It

There comes a time in every homes life when replacing the siding must be seriously considered. This is especially true for home owners that live in North Carolina where the weather can be extreme. Your home’s sliding is very important because it maintains the outer integrity of the wall of the house. Along with your home’s insulation, sliding forms the first line of protection against elements like rain, snow, dust, etc. Also, it saves the walls from weather issues like excessive sunlight or rain. And as we know, using sliding is a golden opportunity to enhance the beauty of the house as well.

As we mentioned before, siding is really important to keep the integrity of the walls of the house. Whether it is raining or getting lots of spray in the air from the near ocean – there is a huge chance of the water getting absorbed and then damaging the wall. Therefore, siding works as a protective barrier. This protective barrier also prevents the house from bugs and other pests. If the siding is not installed properly, ants, mites or termites can breach the protective layer of the siding. It also prevents the wall from UV ray damage. It also works as an insulation protector. 

Replace Your Siding Instead1

Now, you might use various types of sidings in your own house. You should keep in mind that, all the contractors will claim themselves to be professional whereas in real that not might be the case. They may not work properly with the walls for which it may do more harm. Also, there are people who live in a city but hire companies from other cities because of their fame. That probably is a wrong decision. Because the companies of that specific city actually understand the need properly. Therefore, for example – if you are in Raleigh you should certainly hire a Raleigh based siding replacement company. If you are in Durham, North Carolina you should go to a Durham based siding replacement company.

Now, certainly your home’s siding will not last forever. Like any other thing, it needs to be repaired or replaced from time to time. A common mistake that most of the house owners do is that they just keep painting their siding. They think that if they paint the siding, it gets an extra layer which may protect from everything. Well, it is true to some extent, but just painting the siding again will not fix everything. So, let’s dig deeper to understand when it is needed to replace your side instead of just painting it.

Basically, a basic idea is needed about how long does a siding last. As we know, there are various types of sidings. Vinyl sidings usually last between 20 to 40 years. Fiber cement sidings are very long lasting. Usually, they last as long as the home itself, but it needs to be repainted frequently. Like fiber cement, steel sidings are also expected to last a life long time. Stone veneer sidings last between 20 to 75 years.

Replace Your Siding Instead2

Now, how will you get to know that whether you need to replace your sidings or not? Let’s hop into that:

  • Hail damage: Hail blowing in at an angle can badly hammer the siding with hundreds of little ice bullet strikes. A bad hail storm may create divets like little craters in the sidings.
  • Wildlife damage: People actually do not think much about birds and squirrels as risk. But they can do ample amount of damage to your sidings. Specially, wood sidings are more damaged by these. 
  • Fungus: In the regions with high humidity, sidings are more susceptible to get fungal attack. Frequent rainstorms also cause this. Sometimes, the sidings are rotten because of these. 
  • Frequent Repainting: As we were discussing, repainting can be a solution for some cases. But if you see that you have to apply a coat every 5-6 years, then surely something is wrong with your sidings.
  • Increased Cooling/Heating Bills: Most of the time in this case, people will think that it is because of some problem in the electric line. But, low grade wall insulation along with underperforming sidings can be the probable cause for excessive cooling and heating. 
  • Cracked Siding: After probably a natural calamity, it is pretty obvious for 1-2 parts to get damaged. But, regardless the damage level, cracked pieces must be removed or fixed, or else they can lead to a bigger damage.

Like these, there are many more signs to indicate that now a change is needed. Severe fading, molding, bubbling, maintenance overload, hidden hazards, peeling, missing paint etc. are also significant indicators of this. In these cases, call professionals and examine these damages. And if needed, replace your siding as soon as possible to have a safer house in several aspects. And if you happen to live in Raleigh, North Carolina and need a good siding replacement company, consider contacting Triangle Painting at (919) 805-1970.

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