Our Quick, Easy, and Stylish Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Low on bathroom decorating inspiration? We have fast and easy DIY bathroom decorating ideas to turn that bland room into your dream space!

You love to decorate. While you’ve given your apartment a lot of love, there’s one room that’s lacking pizazz: your bathroom! 

The bathroom is a unique space that may seem like it doesn’t need a lot of decorations. After all, it’s not a fancy room, so why make it look nice? 

Even if the bathroom isn’t your favorite room doesn’t mean it doesn’t deserve special treatment. 

Here are some quick ways to spruce up your bathroom without breaking a sweat! 

1. Soften the Floor With a Retro Rug 

Placing a basic cotton rug in your bathroom works. But having a soft retro rug in your bathroom will make it look both playful and classy. 

There are all sorts of retro rug patterns. One example is a 1970’s Scandinavian design with clean and colorful lines. Putting a rug with this type of design will make quite the impression in your bathroom! 

Besides finding a pattern that’s pleasing to the eyes, don’t forget about comfort. Select a retro rug that’s extra soft so you’ll have something to sink your feet into while getting ready.

2. Add Abstract Wallpaper 

If you’re aiming for a fun and modern look, try using abstract wallpaper. 

There are all sorts of patterns that can complement a current theme. One idea is to use mid-century kaleidoscope wallpaper. Or, artistic floral and colorful wallpaper could be fun too! 

Don’t worry about coloring outside the lines (literally!) when deciding on a wallpaper design.

As a side note, keep in mind that it’s best to select removable wallpaper in an apartment. If it’s removable, it’ll be easy to take it off if, at any point, you decide to move out. 

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3. Offer Stylish Seating 

Your bathroom may be large enough to have a piece of furniture in it. If it is, add some stylish seating to the mix! 

Not only will seating result in comfort, but it’ll look incredible too. So, think about incorporating an ottoman or a chair to sit on in the bathroom. 

You can sit in comfort and luxury everytime you brush your teeth and apply your makeup! If the idea of more comfort suits you, put a pillow on your chair too! 

4. Creatively Stash Your Toilet Paper 

There are many different ways to store toilet paper in your bathroom, so get creative! 

You can stash your toilet paper on a floating shelf that’s the shape of a cloud. Displaying your toilet paper may not be top on your list, but with a design like this, you might change your mind! 

If you’d rather hide the toilet paper in a stylish holder, a woven one might do the trick. 

Think about what kind of toilet paper holder would look best in your bathroom, and it’ll blend right in!

5. Put a Lush Plant in the Corner

Make your bathroom into an oasis by making space for a few plants. If there’s room in one of the corners, that’s an excellent spot for one. 

A few different plants to consider are: 

  • Chinese Evergreen
  • Bamboo
  • Ferns
  • Bromeliads
  • Gardenia

Having a lush plant in a corner can breathe life into your space. 

Plus, plants offer excellent health benefits like boosting your mood. So, you can’t go wrong by putting a plant or two in your bathroom! 

6. Install a Fancy Medicine Cabinet

Your apartment may already have a medicine cabinet.

Even so, you can install another one that has more personality and color. 

A cabinet with a unique design or in a wood color you love would look fantastic. Don’t forget about functionality, though. It should have even shelves to hold your extra toiletries too! 

7. Place a Few Catch-All Trays on the Counters 

In any room, it’s easy to have accessories that end up in odd places. And in a bathroom, a bobby pin or chapstick tube may end up loose somewhere too.

Suppose you want to have something that’ll hold random items, then look for a few catch-all trays. In particular, a small circular tray can make a difference in a room that needs something extra.

Get catch-all trays that blend in with your existing decor to make a statement. Then, you’ll have trendy and functional trays that’ll make it easy for you to find that missing bobby pin!

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8. Put Candles Above the Tub

Depending on your bathroom’s design, you may be able to put candles above the tub. Imagine how romantic and relaxing candles above the tub would be! 

There are a few different ways to have candles above your bathtub. For example, floating shelves or wood platforms can set the stage for a relaxing bath to unwind.

After setting up the shelves, pick out some candles that smell amazing! 

9. Hang Eye-Catching Typography

Typography is currently all the rage, and a simple print can look incredible in your bathroom. 

If you decide to add a typography print, there are many unique themes to choose from. 

If one of your hobbies is board game playing, you might like Monopoly Game Plan canvases. These prints, in particular, seamlessly blend typography with Monopoly-themed images. 

You may also like typography prints that have a single word. One example is the word “Drip,” with the word appearing like it’s dripping off the page. 


Decorating your bathroom can be a blast, as long as you use your imagination! There are no rules for decorating, so if you want to try something new, go for it! 

From abstract art to catch-all trays, there are all kinds of ways to spruce up your bathroom. 

Think about which elements you want in there and then put it all together. It’ll look fantastic!

Author bio:

Caitlin Sinclair is the Business Manager at The Rylan. With over five years of property management experience, she begins and ends each day loving what she does. She finds joy in helping current and future residents and makes The Rylan a place everyone loves to call home.

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