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Moving to a New Home? Setting Up Internet Made Easy With These 7 Super-Simple Steps!

Moving to a New Home? Setting Up Internet Made Easy With These 7 Super-Simple Steps!

Change is always good. Liberating, even.

Nevertheless, at the same time it can get depressing too. Why? Because you have to leave behind every single thing you built over the years and start from scratch. It’s a bittersweet sensation, best experienced when moving to a new house.

Want to know the hardest part of the process? Letting go of your old internet connection and having to go through the seemingly arduous task of installing a new one. It’s absolutely vital to get back in the online flow. After all, that’s what our lives revolve around these days, right?

What you need to understand is that equipping your home with internet is NOT a daunting task at all. You just need patience and a good guide to give you a thorough walkthrough. And speaking of guiding, here I am with a step-by-step manual to make this transition easier for you.

Plan Preliminarily:

Do you like staying one step ahead of time? Or do you prefer dragging things to the last minute?

If you’re agile, you’d go for early preparation, which is indeed a better way.
At least two weeks before moving, you should inquire about internet availability in your targeted area. This way you can initiate internet installation process beforehand, and ward off any worry about staying off-the-grid for days following the move.
Plan Preliminarily

To Switch or Not to Switch:

It’s a difficult decision to make, alright.

If your old ISP has a stronghold in the region you’re shifting to, then it’s all good. Just a matter of simple relocation.

But if the signals of your old connection are weaker than usual in the new area, and overall less satisfying, then you’ll need to shift to a new service provider. Sounds taxing? It’s not really so.

Research, Research and Some More Research:

Go online while you have the chance and take detailed notes just like you did in the university. No, I’m not asking you to be a nerd, I’m showing you a way to be well-informed.

Browse through websites of internet-providing firms that are functional in the area of your choice and subscribe to the best one. Personally, if I were moving, I’d opt for Spectrum internet, because with Spectrum Silver Package, the company offers one of the most reliable connections and that too with an impressive outreach. Whether you reside in mountains or dwell in dungeons, you’d get an awesome service if you have CenturyLink.

Contact and Contract:

Contact and Contract
Once you’re done researching and have made a clear choice about the new ISP, it’s time to seal the deal. Contact them, ask about their best offers and sign the contract after minutely going through it. But not before you bid goodbye to your old ISP and sign a termination contract with them. This’s how you’ll start from a clean slate.

Modify Your Hardware:

It’s all about signal speed and coverage, basically. A lightning-fast internet connection is highly coveted these days. If your basic modem is not giving enough juice, then you need to upgrade it with a better-quality router. Because if you miss out on great internet service, then you miss out on all the fun!

Position Your Device:

There’s a hidden heavenly bite in every donut. You can’t help but look for it, right?

Similarly, there’s a particular position you need to tune your router to in order to savor a heavenly online experience. It’s not near a window, neither is it on the ground. It’s in a central place, high up in the air. Find it and enjoy!

Take a Speed Test:

Take a Speed Test
Once everything’s set up and ready to go, don’t forget to take a simple speed test to check the connectivity potential. If contradictions come up in any way, contact your new ISP asap.

With these instruction by your side, you need not be anxious about internet installation. Go lightly, step by step. Slowly and steadily, you’ll win the race.
See? It’s that simple.

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