Moving Soon? Supplies Checklist and How to Pack

When it comes time for your move, you’ll find plenty of movers in San Diego that provide not just moving services but also packing and unpacking. It’s worth considering since moving companies are usually not liable for damage in any boxes that you pack yourself. According to statistics, more than 80% of all moves are completed with no damage claims, and almost all claims are resolved without arbitration.
Do the packing in Room-by-room way, and then load to the moving trucks that way as well. Mark all the boxes according to the room number or room name they are going into with a short list of what is in the box.

Let’s start with supplies first. The things that’ll be required are as follows:

  • Boxes: These can be purchased from a moving company as well. You can also get them for free from Alcoholic Beverage Control stores, grocery stores, and other retailers. The all have leftover boxes.
  • Moving Home Boxes

  • Padding: Bubble wrap, and similar items to cushion fragile items comes under the padding. You can use socks, towels, and T-shirts if you want to save some money.
  • Moving Home Bubble wrap

  • Blankets: To protect table and other furniture edges from scratches, use simple house blankets, you’ll be transporting them anyway. These can save you from spending on rentals.
  • blankets home decor

  • Tape: There’s really no substitute for good old duct tape.

Pack similar items together. Start packing each box with a layer of padding, it can be newspapers. Then put the heaviest items in. DO NOT FORGET to Label each box by room and by contents. Finally, pack one or two first day boxes of stuff that is essential and required right after you move, screwdrivers, hammers, snacks, drinks, toothbrushes, a change of clothes, paper plates, plastic utensils and cups, a first-aid kit, medications, etc. Let’s find out how to pack stuff.

Use the same cartons that professional movers use. These cartons are available for purchase through moving companies and other retail storages. Purchase quality pressure sensitive 2-inch wide packing tape. Seal carton bottoms with 3-4 layers of tape and tops with 2-3 layers. Wrap items loosely with 2-3 layers of newsprint or paper.

It is important that you have the appropriate-sized boxes for what you will be moving. Keep it simple and try to stick with three different sizes, rather than a hodgepodge of old liquor and fruit boxes. This ensures a more uniform pack job in the truck. Don’t forget to pick up packing tape, packing paper, and a marker to label the boxes.

Too heavy of a box can compromise the integrity and stability of the box when carrying it and can cause injury to the movers attempting to lift it. Use small boxes for books, files, or canned goods.

Fragile items like platters, plates, and framed pictures should be triple-wrapped and placed on their edge. Lampshades and flower arrangements should be packed alone with room above them in the carton. Electronic devices like notebooks and tablets can be destroyed internally by exposure to magnetic fields when packed with speakers. Food should never be mixed with poisonous cleaners/chemicals. Delicate items like speaker fronts and computer/TV screens should be placed flat against the inside of the carton. Power cords, cables, and remotes should be packed with the main item. Liquids like water, drinks, and cleaners shouldn’t be packed.

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