8 Ways You Can Use The Tulip Table In Various Interior Design Styles


The Tulip Table is one of those iconic contemporary furniture pieces that have spawned an entire line of replicas, upgraded versions and more. Originally designed by Eero Saarinen in 1957, it has now become a seminal piece that has a diverse enough aesthetic to complement a number of different interior design styles. Its sleek, one-piece contemporary styling was designed to emulate a unique, unconventional look that defied the typical table design. Even today, the Tulip Table – in its various modifications – strives to live up to its timeless aesthetic. Let’s take a look at how this trendy table design can be used within the context of various interior design styles.

1. Neo-Classical style

Neo-Classical style Tulip Table
The neo-classical style is known for its intricate detailing and plush furniture. In the midst of such ornate detailing and tradition, the Tulip Table brings in a refreshing breath of fresh modern air. As you can see in this image, the sleek, stylish and highly modish Tulip Table acts as the perfect centerpiece amongst the detailed ornateness of the rest of the furniture design. It provides an unfettered symmetry to the whole ambiance and creates a cohesive focal point that makes space look rhythmic and defined.

2. Retro

Retro Tulip Table
The retro style interior design is known for its playful ode to the last five decades of the twentieth century. Since the Tulip Table was actually conceived and brought to life in that era, it seems to be the perfect addition to such a design. You can see in this image how it complements the sepia touch of the Eames Eiffel chairs and acts as the perfect foreground to the de stilj inspired artwork atop the vintage sideboard. The wooden floors bring out its timeless modernity and the accessorizing lends the retro ambiance an authentic touch.

3. Vintage

Vintage Tulip Table
If old-school is your desired aesthetic, then the Tulip Table can certainly complement that as well. It all depends on the accompaniment – the chairs, the décor, the surroundings, and more. The vintage-kitsch aesthetic of the chairs lends a unique touch to the whole Tulip Table in this image. The planters provide the whole setting a homely edge that is enhanced by the trendy artwork displayed on the accent wall just behind the actual table. The whole setting is inspiringly vintage, and it’s all thanks to the furnishings and complementary décor.

4. Contemporary

Contemporary Tulip Table
The contemporary style is always a mix and match of various genres mashed expertly inside a single space. The Tulip Table can be the perfect centerpiece for such a setting. You can match it with sleek, modern chairs and complement the whole setting with a mismatched categorical design that is part classic, part rustic and all individual. This image features an excellent example of such a design aesthetic, where the strategic blend of various design elements acts as a backdrop to the centerpiece of the Tulip Table.

5. Bohemian

Bohemian Tulip Table
The Bohemian or Boho Chic style is all about emulating a hipster aura that is brimming with lots of personality, colors, and individuality. This image shows how a Tulip Table can be used in such a setting without looking out of place. The navy blue theme fills the whole room with character, and the jute textured pillows, accessories and area rug add a light brevity to the whole set. In the middle of it all, the Tulip Table plays the important role of providing cohesiveness to the whole set.

6. Modern

Modern Tulip Table
The Tulip Table’s simple, a curvaceous design would be the perfect accompaniment to a modern style interior design. The effortless way of its design execution would be extremely complementary to the plain, straightforward and basic designing of modernism. You can pair it with some stylish chairs and top it off with some small knick-knacks to slave off the impersonal touches that are characteristic of the modern genre.

7. Scandinavian

Scandinavian Tulip Table
The Scandinavian style is renowned worldwide for its cozy comfort and unique styling. It emphasizes natural textures, lighting and openness, which is why the Tulip Table would look absolutely stunning within it. This style is all about featuring quality wood and whites, so the Tulip Table can be effortlessly enmeshed within the whole aesthetic. You can even top it off with a fresh flower arrangement or a yummy bowl of fruits.

8. Industrial

Industrial Tulip Table
The industrial style is an amalgam of shabby-chic, distressed and partially rustic finishes that blend seamlessly with a modern backdrop. This is why the Tulip Table can perfectly emulate this style. You can pair it up with some retro chairs, top it off with a beautiful flower arrangement and complement it with some shabby chic area rugs to give it stylish yet edgy effect that will surely make your homes look absolutely trendy.
The Tulip Table boasts a truly versatile aesthetic that has the ability to blend within a number of interior design styles. It’s chic, sophisticated and the perfect furniture piece to go for when you’re looking for something iconic yet simple.

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