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Mould Removal in Canada

Mould Removal in Canada

In Canada, mould is treated as a health hazard. The cold weather highly contributes to the growth of mould. Mould, also known as Mould, is a fungus that grows on dump areas or materials. Its colour varies from white, black or any other colour. Mould can be frustrating intruders in your home or office because they grow undetected. They have a musty smell and can appear like a smudge or a stain on your walls or ceiling. It is highly recommended to hire a local mould removal company.

Moulds can grow anywhere indoors. They can build on your curtains, window frames, carpets, kitchen, or bathroom walls. In Canada, moulds are widespread because of the cold weather. These intruders cause serious health risks. They release spores which, when inhaled, can cause infections like asthma and other allergy-related problems. Toxic moulds release mycotoxins, and it’s the most dangerous type of mould.

Causes of Moulds

Causes of Moulds

  • Mould is part of the environment so it can grow anywhere as long as the conditions are favourable.
  • Leaking roofs, sinks and taps can contribute to the growth of mould.
  • Check your house or office regularly to see if you can spot mould. It’s easy to remove small mould faster.

What can you do to prevent mould?

  • Running a dehumidifier in your basement can help you prevent the growth of moulds in your basement.
  • Check all the pipes in your home to identify any leakage and fix it immediately. Check to see if there’s pipe condensation. Insulate the pipes using foam to avoid condensation.
  • De-clutter all the storage spaces especially if they/re close to walls.
  • If you store items in your basement, replace cardboard storages with plastic bins that have lids.
  • Don’t store firewood in the house.
  • If you have any carpets on the basement, get rid of them.

Removing Moulds

Some so many people would wish to know if it’s possible to remove moulds on their own without hiring professionals. The answer is yes but there several health risks associated with moulds. Trying to remove mould by yourself can also cause cross-contamination, which will make the situation worse.

Mould does not only pose health risks, and your home structural design can be destroyed because this fungus can rot the woods.

Mould removal is a complicated process that cannot be handled without skills. Trying a DIY on mould is not a good idea because you might spread it to other surfaces. However, you can remove mould if the area affected is small. If the mould has grown on a large part of your space, find experts to help you remove it effectively.

What Do You Need to Remove Mould

What Do You Need to Remove Mould
Before you start the process of removing mould, ensure that you get the following protective gear:

  • Disposable Gloves
  • N95 Masks
  • Goggles

Step 1: Dispose of damaged items

Susceptible individuals should move out of the house and should not be near during mould clean up. Remove and dispose of all materials that have been damaged by the mould. Ensure that the masks and gloves you wear fit you perfectly.

Ensure that you open the windows and doors to allow fresh air to circulate in the house. All the items that seem to be damaged seal them with a plastic bag and dispose them off.

Moisture loves soft upholstered furniture. Ensure that all the mattresses, pillows and stuffed toys are mould free, if not dispose them off. Throw off carpets and curtains that have mould.

Step 2: Clean Using Vacuum

When it comes to cleaning mould at home, a vacuum that has a HEPA filter is highly recommended. Avoid using regular vacuum for this kind of a task. Start by vacuuming all the corners of your house. Replace the filters regularly as you vacuum.

If there’s and furnishing that seems wet, vacuuming it might be a waste of time.

Step 3: Clear Wet Items

If there are wet furnishings or carpets, remove them and clear them out completely.

Step 4: Dry the Surfaces

Use a dehumidifier to dry wet surfaces.

Step 5: Call Professionals

It’s good to involve professionals to help you clean up the mould in your home. Professionals will identify the best means to use to clean your house. It’s hard to remove large amounts of this fungus without the help of a professional.


Detecting mould earlier will save you money and time. Make a habit of inspecting your house regularly to ensure that you fix problems earlier. During the mould removal process, ensure that you don’t retain wet items in the house because this will make the mould to grow back again. Don’t attempt to remove mould if you have asthma because the spore produced by the fungus will worsen the symptoms. People with allergic problems can also get affected when removing the mould, so it’s good to call for experts to help you out.

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