Composite Construction Mats Prevent Damage During Renovations and Additions

If you are thinking of adding onto your home or having it renovated, you need to ask your builder if they use construction mats. These composites are lifesavers for your yard. You shouldn’t have to pay for yard restoration on top of renovations.

Your Property Deserves Protection

You probably know how common it is for pickup trucks, much less heavy vehicles, to ruin a yard. Yet it probably seems as if there is nothing you could do about it. Well, composite construction mats are the answer. The builder can lay them out like a temporary road across your lawn.

This protects your yard from getting torn up. Instead of dirt or grass, tires have a tough, responsive surface over which to travel. They won’t grind up your turf or get stuck in mud.

Even better, if a tracked vehicle such as a bobcat is needed, the construction mats can handle that. They can actually handle the heaviest cranes. They act as bridges over ditches and through wetlands. Contractors are using them every day to prevent damage to the environment.
Your Property Deserves Protection

Not only that, but using them on your driveway can protect it from damage from heavy vehicles. Although composite mats are lightweight compared to wooden ones, they are generally much tougher and can absorb the shock of a moving, multi-ton vehicle.

Lightweight Composites Are the Answer

There was a time when the only construction mats were hardwood, and, of course, that really wasn’t an option for small-job contractors. Hardwood is heavy and requires a lot of warehouse space. However, now there are lightweight options, such as ScoutMat™, that can be hand-carried. They are lightweight and thin, making it easy to transport them in pickups, work vans, and other small trucks.

Spartan Mat, a national distributor and manufacturer of all types of mats, has seen a rise in clients who work in home-building and related trades. Typically a small construction operator purchases 20 to 30 mats to cover their projects. Major construction clients, on the other hand, might buy 100s or 1000s.

Ask Your Contractor

Ask Your Contractor
If your contractor tells you that there’s nothing they can do about the lawn and no way they can protect your driveway, that’s simply not true. Composite mats, which are widely available, are a simple precaution that will save you money, protect your driveway and sidewalks, and prevent damage to your lawn. Your contractor can even rent some if they don’t own any.

Damage to your lawn is unsightly and costly. You owe it to yourself to demand surface protection from anyone who works on your home. If they argue, just tell them, “it’s 2020, not 1920!”

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