Molds Dos and Don’ts: Inspection and Safety

Did you just smell that musty odour in a specific corner of your home? Well, take it with a pinch of salt but you need to call a mold inspection specialist immediately. Reality check: it is not really over the top inspirational things to call for professional help for mold, however, it is of utmost priority.

That specific area that smells of mold, definitely has fungus infestation, not to mention all the health hazards it brings along.

Here is a list of some dos and don’ts to strictly follow—

Contact the Mold Inspection Specialist

The moment you suspect mold infestation, just call the mold inspection specialist and get it checked immediately. Mold is highly allergic and toxic at its worse. It is not a DIY project and should be dealt with under professional supervision. In case you are looking for help to deal with mold inspection, call for Canadian Home Inspection Services.
Contact the Mold Inspection Specialist

Limit Your Contact with the Infested Area

Limit the time you spend indoors, since you do not have any idea what kind of mold infestation it is. Mold is toxic and is hazardous to health. If you believe that you have any allergies, heed to the warning signs and don’t let it lead to lung diseases.

Check for Water Damage

Now, mold and water damage come hand in hand. In fact, mold is usually the result of water damage. When you see the first sign of water damage, just make sure you check every room for the same signs. Call for professional help for mold inspection in Ottawa and get your home inspected for the same. Better be safe than sorry.
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Don’t Breathe Mold In

Mold comes in contact with the body in two ways—either through inhaling or ingesting it. It is important for the same reason that you shouldn’t be around the mold infested area and avoid it as much as you can. Ingestion is easier to know, inhaling is not, it is important to get a NIOSH rating N-95 mask and exhale port.

Don’t Touch It

Made up of Fungus Spores, and the spores being the seeds, touching could release the spores in the air possibly spreading the spores and causing more damage. Also, it could result in fungal infection. Beware.
Professional Mold Testing and Inspection Vernon Hills IL

Mold Allergy is Dreadful

Speaking of Mold infested homes, you need to keep a check on your health. Do not just call the ‘Home Inspection Team’, but also seek a doctor, especially if you are sensitive to it. If you have a mold allergy, your immune system will overreact when you breathe in mold spores. General symptoms will have you coughing, you will have itchy eyes and you will have other symptoms that will make you miserable. Mold allergy symptoms differ from person to person, it is best if you see a doctor at the earliest rather than medicating yourself.
Mold Allergy is Dreadful


Mold inspection is very important for the health of your home and you. Don’t let yourself fall prey to mold infestation and call for professional help even at the tiniest warning sign. Remember to limit your contact with the infested area and be outdoors as much as you can. Check for further water damage in your house and do not breathe in the mold. Ideally, use a medically approved mask to protect yourself from mold allergy. Also, do not touch it and see a doctor in case you have mold allergy symptoms. Be safe unless the professional help arrives and your home is free of mold infestation.

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