Making A Statement With The Windows In Your Home

We all want to make a statement in our lives.From the clothes we choose to wear each day to the food we eat, everything we do conveys a message to the world about who we are. One avenue that many forget about is our homes. On occasion we make a few tweaks to our living spaces. Decor and color can do wonders in expression ourselves, yet there is one key detail that many overlook. Your windows! Window replacement can not only bring a sense of style to your home but also boost its value. All you need to do is choose windows that match the message you’re sending about yourself. While you desire to create a certain statement, you don’t have to sacrifice quality to reach your goal.

Corner Windows

Corner Windows

There is no greater tragedy than a beautiful home marred by rooms that give off an air of being too small. Bedrooms being the greatest offender, the best way to modify the situation is to install windows in a corner configuration. Having a solid wall turn into a corner window can transform the look and feel of the room easily. It adds a sense of whimsy and surprise to your living space as many don’t think about placing a window so out of the way. Not only will it let in some needed light, but the beauty of scenery around you will add a level of comfort to any room. Placing a corner window higher up on the wall is an amazing way to enjoy the sun but also give you much needed privacy while still having access to the beautiful sky above.

Awning Windows

Awning Windows

Wish to better the air circulation in a space, awning windows are the choice for you! These windows can add a modern dramatic flair to any room where they are installed. The wide variety of shapes and designs to choose from allow a homeowner to customize for the statement they are creating in the room.

Paired with other windows or another set of awning tampa window replacements can give your home a unique feel. They are low cost to install along with being energy efficient. An awning window seals better than traditional windows, meaning that these windows leak less air outside while keeping the outside elements outside. Also, unlike other windows, these open outward, meaning they do not take up space in your home.

Casement Windows

Casement Windows

If clean lines are more your look, try casement windows. Lining this window replacement up with multiples of themselves produce a bright, cheerful appearance by catching light and fresh air better than other window types. These windows also add a level of security to your home by having the locks embedded in the frames, adding an extra level of protection to all who reside within.

You have three styles to choose from: push out, which uses a handle instead of a crank; single frame, extremely popular for providing simple elegance to any space; and double, created from two or more windows that are hinged together. Since they can open all the way unlike other window types as well as are easy to clean, the upkeep for these amazing windows is minimal, allowing homeowners to have more time to enjoy the view they provide.

Window Wall

Window Wall

Statement walls can bring a pop of color to a room. Why not change it up by creating a window wall? Though it can be difficult and rather expensive, the result can be stunning! At first thought to be only for the rich and famous, turning a whole wall into a mosaic of windows adds a vital modern touch to your home. Pairing different designs together shows off an artistic flair that very few other designs can produce.

Having a wall of windows allows for better natural light to flood a space, allowing you to use fewer light fixtures and thus have fewer lighting expenses. Being able to have so much access to sunlight has other benefits. For the health-conscious, window walls provide relief from seasonal depression and stress. During winter months so much access to the sun allows for your home to receive passive heating, providing a cozier experience. To invest in this style is to announce to one and all that you care for your wellbeing.

Bay and Bow Windows

Bay and Bow Windows

Bay windows are the first thing a homeowner pictures when wanting to add a new dimension to a room. Created using three panels, this window design can be given an air of sophistication when paired with other designs. The large windows allow for better lighting and ventilation, causing the room to feel more spacious than before. Bay windows can easily be converted into a seating or storage area, adding another level of refinement to the room. Pairing with other window types creates an artistic feel that will inspire all who peer into the world outside.

While less angled than their bay counterpart, bow windows are similar in design. Usually using four or more panes, the rounded shape hearkens back to historic homes of the sophisticated members of society. Like the corner window, these unique beauties can be inserted in a corner to provide a panoramic view of the outside world. If you desire a bay window but need a narrower profile, bow windows are up to the challenge. Just like bay windows, pairing with other designs can create a mystical portal showing the beauty of the outside world.

Just as the eyes are the windows to the soul, your windows are the eyes of the soul of your home. Help that soul be seen in all its glory by using replacement windows! No matter the type you choose, you’ll be able to add hints of drama or beauty to a room. Your choices may have other benefits, such as better security or better health. Being able to create a fashionable space that allows you to either lessen your heating or lighting costs is a win-win. Whatever you desire can be portrayed by either adding a window or mixing and matching types to turn your home into a masterpiece.

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