Why Do People Love Online Shopping Abroad

The rise of e-commerce stores worldwide has totally changed the way we shop. We get to have access to brands or stores that are not available in our own country. Who doesn’t like shopping eh? Everyone, at one time or another, is guilty of online window shopping. All we have to do is just sit in front of our computer or use our mobile phone and buy products with just a few clicks of a mouse or tabs. Online shopping is becoming very popular as it allows consumers to shop for everything, from clothes, electronics, household goods to furniture.

Why Do People Shop Online?

Below are some of the reasons why people love to shop online.

1. Wide range of products available

Many people choose to buy online because there is a wider range of products available compared to a brick and mortar store. There are more product variations, sizes, availability and etc.

2. Offers Flexibility and Comfort

There is no time limit to shop online unlike a mall or a shop with shopping hours. We get to shop anytime and anywhere. It is also easy to search for products online.

Online Shopping Abroad

3. Enables Comparison

When shopping online, we can easily open multiple tabs on our computer and make comparisons in just a few seconds. Switching websites to compare prices of products from different brands is a lot easier online.

4. More Cost-Effective

Products available online tend to be cheaper than physical stores because the products come directly from the manufacturer and this eliminates the middleman.

5. Variety of Products

The range of products available online is far greater than in physical stores. Consumers get to visit different sellers to buy products from all over the world.

6. Saving Time

When buyers shop online, there is no need to drive to the store and look for parking space. There is also no queue for paying and It is much faster to shop online and there is no need to jostle with other shoppers.

Online Shopping Abroad2

7. Reviews from other shoppers

Consumers get to look at online reviews on a product or service before purchasing it.

The Cons of Online Shopping

Online shopping also has its challenges. It is quite common for customers to come across a message informing them that the seller does not offer international shipping. Even if some do, the international shipping fees are exorbitant. This can be very frustrating.

If you ever find yourself in this situation, well do not despair. There are other delivery alternatives that customers can use for shipping items abroad. Just head over to Shiply, an online shipping marketplace that can connect you to hundreds of shipping companies on their platform. By just filling in some details, you can receive personalized quotes for your shipment which most often is up to 75% cheaper than usual rates. You can then start to compare all of your options in one place. This will save you time from having to search the internet or phone book looking for the shipping companies.

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