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Make Absolute Indulgence a Permanent Feature in Your Life with LuxPalace’s Lifetime Vacation Ownership Offer

One thing this pandemic clearly showed us was that we all need a break from our lives every now and then. We all stayed inside the comforts of our own homes during the lockdown. But still the stress of our daily lives made relaxing completely a bit difficult. That’s why the idea of having a vacation house, far away from your home, is so appealing. Nowadays, if you want to have a relaxing and fun vacation, there are so many options available from spa resorts and homestays to vacation rentals. And if you can get a really luxurious vacation home that is yours for your lifetime, how exciting would that be? LuxPalace Black Sea is bringing you an offer of a lifetime where you get a guaranteed luxurious vacation stay at Odessa every year for the rest of your life! Take a look at what LuxPalace Odessa has to offer.

Why Choose Lux Palace

A truly memorable vacation is one which is planned thoroughly in advance and remembered fondly later. LuxPalace is committed to giving you such memorable vacations all your life! The LuxPalace Odessa is designed keeping you in mind so that you can truly indulge yourself.

Main Features

Let us take a look at the amazing features that make LuxPalace Odessa truly the most amazing place for vacations. 

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LuxPalace is being built in the picturesque European city of Odessa. Located near the Black Sea, the beautiful Odessa is certainly a treat for the senses. It’s waterfront location gives you many opportunities to visit and enjoy the Black Sea and explore other places nearby. From its rich culture and fascinating history to the quiet sandy beaches and thrilling nightlife, Odessa has so much to offer! Moreover, you can also enjoy amazing interiors and fine dining to make your stay truly grand and indulging. 


LuxPalace is passionate about providing you with the most luxurious and enjoyable time at Odessa. From the smallest fixtures to the biggest decorations, everything is chosen and designed to give you a grand and cozy experience. LuxPalace offers a wide variety of state-of-the-art facilities including fine dining restaurants, swimming pool, VIP cinema, fitness center, casual dining spots, dead sea spa and much more. LuxPalace Odessa provides only the best amenities to help you let go of your worries and just unwind!

Elite Membership 

Just imagine not having to plan a vacation every year. Every year, when you want a vacation, you can relax in the knowledge that LuxPalace Odessa will give you the best services and all the entertainment you need without having to go anywhere! You can avail of the beautiful views, relaxing spas, amazing food from all over the world, and many other facilities here. However, only a select group of people with elite membership can have access to these amenities for their entire lifetime. LuxPalace offers a once-in-a-lifetime chance to own a vacation home at Odessa for just 15000$ to its elite members. So, hurry and get your own elite membership now!

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Amazing Vacation Ownership Offer

After the stress of managing our daily lives, we all want a break to just unwind. We want to be taken care of and pampered. When we think of a vacation, we look for comfort, uniqueness, fun, and luxury. LuxPalace Odessa is designed keeping this insight in mind so that you get the ultimate vacation experience. And that’s why LuxPalace has come up with a unique offer that will keep you coming back for more. In just 15000$, you can now own your vacation home at Odessa. You can come back to Odessa one week per year, every year, secure in the knowledge that you will get the best services that Odessa has to offer. You’ll have access to all the elite amenities that Odessa offers whenever you visit. What’s more, you can also gift your vacation home to family and friends any year you want! Owning a vacation home in Odessa is not just an indulgence, it is also the power to be independent and free!

There are many other vacation homes available in the market today. So, what makes LuxPalace stand out? Surely, it’s their passion to provide you with a truly luxurious and enriching vacation experience. And ofcourse, their once-in-a-lifetime offer of vacation homes ownership at such affordable rates! So, grab this opportunity right now and ensure all your future annual vacations are full of luxury and comfort! 

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