6 Best Software For Roofing Contractors


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Roofing projects can involve intricate tasks. Managing these tasks accurately and delivering quality work can be challenging for most contractors. However, with the right roofing contractor software, you can track your roofing projects, manage your workforce, and evaluate essential timelines.

While various roofing companies venture into several types of tasks, the fundament job includes:

  •     Constructing new roofs and repairing existing ones
  •     Assigning jobs to the labour force and associated workforce
  •     Choosing raw materials for roofing constructions such as tiles, cement, clay, etc.
  •     Ensuring the roofing contracts are completed within the designated timeline. 

Challenges in The Roofing Industry

The regular challenges of the roofing industry include: 

  •     Roofing construction enterprises involve a versatile workforce such as roofing workers, architects and designers, plumbers, masons, managers, etc. Every worker has a certain job duty. When a roofing construction business relies on conventional excel sheets or pen-pencil management, having a complete overview of the roofing projects becomes challenging.
  •     Labourers and other roofing workers mostly have field jobs. In such cases, a clear line of communication becomes a challenge. Calling and describing isn’t enough for explaining intricate construction requirements.
  •     Without a complete understanding of resource availability, task allocation and management can become complex. Reaching out to each worker/manager manually and assigning duties is overwhelming and time-consuming. 
  •     Skill-based work requires human expertise. However, banal operations like task assignment, documentation jobs, log maintenance and other manual clerical duties increase the risk of errors. Thus your project might end up having a mismatch between the actual planned system and reality. 
  •     Roofing companies solely need to rely on a sales executive to synchronize accounts payable and receivable throughout the billing process.

How Can Software Resolve The Challenges? 

Various apps are designed to resolve multiple problems. The most common types of roofing contractor software include: 

  •     Canvassing Apps: These are concerned with finding new leads, nurturing existing leads, managing salesforce and tracking sales performance.
  •     Roofing Design Apps: They help you create a design and enable customers to visualize their roof before physically proceeding with the construction.
  •     Hail Report Apps: These apps are designed to fetch accurate information on the occurrence of a hailstorm or any other bad weather condition.
  •     Roofing Photo Apps: They help to manage and share photos to document damage, share precise requirements to workers, furnish progress reports to the building owners and so on.
  •     Roof Measuring Apps: Aerial measurement solutions share precise information about roofs remotely (without requiring a site visit).
  •     Subcontractor and Crew Management Apps: People management is an incredibly difficult part of the roof contracting job. With these apps, you can efficiently collaborate and communicate with the teams.
  •     Construction/Roofing Business Management Apps: From managing the workforce to tracking the progress of various projects to generating reports, you can handle any workflows associated with your construction roofing business.

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6 Best Software For Roofing Contractors

Many roofing application tools are cloud-based that doesn’t require installation. These tools can be instantly used after sign-in. However, with high-performance apps, integration is necessary. A dedicated project management or customer support team will guide you through integration and implementation. Here are some of the best softwares for roofing contractors:

Bridgit Bench 

Bridgit bench offers intelligent workforce solutions for general contractors. With seamless tools and integrated applications, transform your entire workforce into your competitive advantage. Here are some competitive features of this software: 

  •     API & integrations for people and task management
  •     Risk analysis and management for better estimation and reduced risk of overruns
  •     Pursuit tracking for tracking opportunities and bids
  •     People’s financials for managing labour costs
  •     Labour scheduling for workforce management and centralizing your roofing project and labour data into a single solution
  •     Security and compliance for data security
  •     Remote planning for streamlined workforce planning even while working remotely.
  •     Forecasting for a precise understanding of your future workforce utilization costs to capacity planning optimization and ensuring team productivity.

PlanSwift (ConstructConnect)

ConstructConnect or PlanSwift has a solid network, robust project data, and provides leading solutions for takeoff and estimating.

Planswift binds the construction industry together. It creates communication between various individuals venturing into the construction industry- general contractors, project owners, subcontractors, architects, building designers, raw material suppliers and distributors, etc.

With this software, you can: 

  •     Get a comprehensive landscape of the current market and your competitors
  •     Evaluate your roofing business’s market share.
  •     Leverage historical data for understanding long-term market trends.


Improve your remote management with this comprehensive job management software specifically designed for field service companies.

Commusoft is a cloud-based solution service that helps you deliver exceptional customer service and accelerate invoicing for faster payments. You can easily manage your regular activities and create unique workflows with several customizations.

 CRM, inventory management, estimation tools, reporting systems, etc., are some of the popular solutions this application provides.


iRoofing is a dedicated mobile application developed and crafted for roofing contractors. With this software, you can enhance your presentation, empower your salesforce with the right tools and enjoy a better chance at conversions.

iRoofing offers comprehensive solutions for different processes, including measuring your workflow outputs, managing customer relationships, and so on.

With such holistic solutions, you can manage the end-to-end functionality of your roofing business. However, the app lacks in the following realms: 

  •     Accounting
  •     Invoicing
  •     Time tracking 


This is one of the easiest software to use. Thus, if you are not well adept with technological devices, this will be an ideal option. Jobber helps you with the following tasks: 

  •     Payment collection
  •     Tracking your subcontractors
  •     Get a competitive advantage

Jobber solutions help you organize, streamline and grow your roofing business. 

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Builder Trend

Buildertrend offers presale solutions with an integrated customer relationship management (CRM) system, bid requests, proposals management and so on.

  •     Project management tools involve scheduling, creating budgets, overseeing timesheets, and so on.
  •     CRM tools include order and selection management, warranty requests, and payment management. You can also include integrations such as QuickBooks, Xero, etc.
  •     Buildertrend also offers training support, a dedicated account manager and a 24/7 help section.


Don’t let the challenges in your roofing business ruin your regular workflow and customer relationship management. Integrate a trusted and experienced roofing software tool to improve your labour management, streamline workflows, get accurate estimates, inventory management, financial management and much more. Ultimately you can achieve your business goal in a streamlined and seamless way.

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