Major Updates That Add Value to Your Property

Most homeowners are looking for simple and inexpensive updates to the home. However, planning on a major investment can also be worthwhile. In fact, a home can gain a substantial amount of value with just one, major installation. Take a look at the best choices for your property. Buyers will be thrilled to bid on your property as a result.

Dual-Pane Windows

Dual-Pane Windows

Your home’s old windows may feel like sieves as wind seems to pour through them. Replace the windows with dual-pane designs. You’ll save energy while improving the home’s appearance. Noises from the exterior that used to disturb you are now muted. This investment attracts buyers from the curb.

Brand-New Roof

Brand-New Roof
You may have been patching your rooftop, such as with a roof repair company Wellington, but the materials are past their viable lifespan. Think about replacing the roof. It’s a major investment, but it can add five figures or more to the property’s value. Everyone understands the importance of a sturdy rooftop.

Fiber-Cement Siding

Fiber-Cement Siding
If you have old wood that’s decaying on the side of the home, the property’s curb appeal is severely impacted. Consider an investment in fiber cement. This siding can look like wood, but it won’t have the same aging effects.

Fiber cement will last for decades when it’s properly installed. It changes the home’s appearance, which can lead to a higher value than before.

Kitchen Remodel

Swap out the cabinets and appliances. A kitchen remodel is where buyers will ultimately decide on their bidding price. New sinks, faucets and door hardware are good choices too. A drab or outdated kitchen will be noticeable, which leads to fewer bids on your property. In many regions, it’s the kitchen that sells the home.

Don’t wait until the last minute to add this upgrade. Ideally, install it about a year before you put the property on the market. You have a chance to enjoy the investment until it’s time to move. The home will still have a significant value in the end.

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