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Best Cross Trainer Workout Machine

Best Cross Trainer Workout Machine

Cross trainers are fast becoming the most popular types of workout machines in the country. This is largely down to the sheer amount of benefits that they are able to offer. They give all of the major muscle groups a good workout at the same time, you can vary the intensity hugely to really push yourself and they are fantastic for people of all fitness levels.

In our infographic, you will find plenty of information about why cross trainers are the best workout machines. For example, a treadmill will allow you to burn 560 calories per hour of your workout, whereas a workout at the same intensity for the same amount of time on a cross trainer will allow you to burn 590 calories. You will also see some diagrams which demonstrate the large number of muscles which are targeted by the cross trainer.

The bar chart figures clearly display the popularity of the cross trainer and you will also see all of the different movements and exercises that can be mimicked with a cross trainer. By looking at the infographic, you will be able to see for yourself just how many different ways in which you can benefit from a cross trainer.

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