Luxury Steel Doors for Homes

Reliability, durability, presentable appearance – this is the main thing that we expect from a good front door. The listed qualities fully correspond to the doors of the steel. It is the best due to the high quality of the materials used, the large model range, and the ability to “design” a custom door depending on personal needs and desires.

The best doors are produced in Houston. Houston custom steel doors focus on a different circle of consumers, but luxury steel doors invariably deserve special attention. This, indeed, is the very best that you can purchase in the Houston custom steel doors market.

Reinforced construction

Reinforced construction

The best steel doors are distinguished by the use of the most modern materials and strict adherence to manufacturing technology. The attributes are:

  • metal construction from a strong steel sheet up to 6 mm thick with reinforcement in the locking region up to 12 mm;
  • the presence of 20 horizontal and vertical stiffeners, ensuring the door maintains its shape throughout the entire period of operation and allows mounting locks with high burglary resistance;
  • reinforced box and door block with a mineral wool thermal barrier, which prevents the door frame from freezing even in severe frosts;
  • equipping the door with special anti-removable locking pins (at least 6), which eliminates the cutting of hinges when trying to break in;
  • 3 reinforced hinges capable of withstanding the heavyweight of the door, with support bearings responsible for silently opening the door and allowing it to be opened 180 degrees;
  • filling the door cavity along the entire perimeter with mineral basalt wool and laying their polyurethane, guaranteeing high thermal and sound insulation.

Reliable locking devices

Closing mechanisms are a very important part of any front door. You should use the best one for your home.

  • cylinder or level with several locking points and crossbars;
  • combined with independently lockable
  • electromechanical;
  • invisible locks with a reinforced mechanism.

All of them are protected by an armor plate made of carbide plate. The advantage of locks is not only their high quality but also the possibility of recording without removing the lock itself from the door. Houston custom steel door companies can also equip your door with an electromechanical or electromagnetic lock opening system:

  • proximity card;
  • biometrics;
  • code panel;
  • key tablet.

They are mounted complete with main locks and make the door almost impregnable.

Great look

Great look

  • Thanks to the use of high-quality finishing materials, Luxury steel doors always look spectacular.
  • Powder spraying. It is used on the outside and is a metal paint sintered on the surface as a result of the action of an electrostatic field. Such a coating is painted in different colors and can be matte, smooth, “shagreen”. It does not fade in the sun, does not lend itself to corrosion and mechanical stress, does not peel off, which means it can stand for a good ten years calmly.
  • Patina in bronze or copper. High strength, with a slight effect of antiquity. It does not give in to the external environment, for a long time retains its original appearance.
    An array of wood. It has a great appearance; durability is an indicator of the well-being and excellent taste of the owner. Artificially aged wood looks especially elegant, complemented by properly selected fittings.
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