Looking For A New House? Find More About 6 Breathtaking Residencies In Costa Rica

A beautiful country like Costa Rica is the ultimate place to live in. The scenery alone is enough reason to feel perfectly happy living there, not to mention the friendly locals and the warm, tropical weather that make the country even more perfect for living a wonderful, enjoyable life. All this and much more are reasons to look for your perfect house in this beautiful country.

Choosing where to buy your new home in Costa Rica may be difficult; every place has its own appeal that makes you unable to make a fast decision. If you are looking for a new house and still wondering which part of the country is the place for you, then you’ve come to the right place. Here we tell you about the 6 most breathtaking places in Costa Rica that you can reside.

  • A Peaceful Life with a View: Papagayo

Not so much as secluded, but if you want to live in a beautiful place by the beach and enjoy a luxurious, peaceful life, Papagayo is the place to be. The reasons to live in Papagayo are endless, but the climate and the scenery alone are remarkable enough to want to live there forever. Some other reasons are the numerous great schools to enroll your children in, if you have any, or for you to do your post-graduate studies. Papagayo also offers great health facilities. If you think that having numerous beaches and breathtaking wildlife may lead to unpaved roads, you’re in for a surprise! The roads there are perfectly safe. In addition, the place has great restaurants and wonderful shopping options.

  • The “Happiest Place on Earth”: Tamarindo

If you are looking for a life in a small town where you can enjoy the advantages of a city with the peace and friendliness of a little town, Tamarindo is where you want to be. Tamarindo is a place to live a long, healthy life for the beautiful weather and the extremely healthy beach water. With all the health benefits that beach life has to offer, you can set yourself to find the perfect property for sale, at reasonable prices and marvelous views, in this small town. You can always rest assured that the food is still going to be healthy even if you eat outside of your house since Tamarindo offers unprocessed food, besides the opportunity to do all sorts of watersports as well as enjoy long walks in the beautiful weather.

  • Peaceful Life in a Mountain Setting: Nuevo Arenal

Nuevo Arenal is another Costa Rican wonder that is surrounded by green hills and a lake that will take your breath away. The lifestyle in this place is a mixture of modern and rural styles with a picturesque view, where you can relax and enjoy yourself and some fun activities. You can go fishing at the lake, sailing, kayaking, and more. The place also has everything you need for your everyday life like grocery stores, shops, schools, a health clinic, and much more.

  • The Beautiful Santa Ana

A perfect combination of modern life with a traditional, authentic breeze, creates the perfect balance for the life you always dreamed of. Santa Ana is one of the most popular places to live in Costa Rica because of the top-quality services, beautiful weather, and modern style of living. It’s one of the most economically developed parts of Costa Rica, as well as culturally diverse areas to live in. Santa Ana has vast areas of grasslands that don’t only look stunning but also create a healthy atmosphere to live in.

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  • Stunning Views and Food Diversity: Ojochal

Ojochal is one of the most popular places in Costa Rica for expats. The reason for the diversity of food there is that expat residents from different ethnic backgrounds opened restaurants in the place, so there’s a huge variety to choose from and get to know something new about different cultures. Another amazing thing about Ojochal is the quite affordable cost of living, especially that it’s not one of the big tourist towns.

  • Playas Del Coco

The more popular name for Playas Del Coco is Coco Beach. It’s an absolutely gorgeous place to live in and have the opportunity to get to know more people in your community. Coco Beach is one of the closest places to Liberia Airport in Costa Rica, which makes it super easy to travel to any place you want. Playas Del Coco is an amazing place to live, especially if you’re a family with children since it’s one of the safest beaches. The sea is pretty calm there, so you do all sorts of water activities without worrying about the dangers the sea can expose you to.

Costa Rica is the perfect combination between summer fun and normal, everyday life. You can get the best of both and enjoy yourself to the max. If you’re looking for a new house, now you can make a decision more easily based on your preferences and the offers of the six places highlighted above.

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