Getting A Durable And Beautiful Floor For Your Home: A How-To Guide

Flooring affects the feel and the look of a room. You may need to change your flooring to accommodate your lifestyle or as a home improvement option. Before settling for any flooring material, ensure it blends with the interior design and decor.

Maybe you are considering an uplift of your entire house or specific rooms. Below we give you insights into how you can go about this.

Uniform Flooring for the Entire House

If you consider flooring your entire house and you love a consistent look, polished concrete will leave your home looking stylish and modern. As stated at Brack Designs, a mechanically polished floor is ideal in such a case. It can handle knocking and accidents while still maintaining uniformity. 

Again, polished concrete flooring is easy to maintain, affordable, durable, and has a high return on investment. Plus, it is environmentally friendly. 

Besides, it’s easy to clean in case of spillages. Thus, if you have young children and pets around, this will be a perfect option. Plus, this material doesn’t trap bacteria and allergens.

Flooring Specific Rooms

You may also need unique details for specific rooms in your house. Or you need an uplift to particular rooms. If this describes you, consider hardwood for the living room. This flooring option has a tremendous visual appeal, comes in varying styles and color, and it’s suitable for living spaces that are shared. It also goes well with a variety of decor. 

However, the initial installation can be high, will suffer damage if exposed to moisture for long, and is prone to dents and scrapes. 

With hardwood flooring in the living room, you could consider polished concrete or ceramic tiles for the rest of the rooms. 

Other materials that are great for the living room include vinyl, laminate, and ceramic tiles.

For the bedrooms, carpet flooring is ideal. It will help to maintain the rooms warm, especially during winter.

If you consider a change in the kitchen, consider bamboo, ceramic tile, concrete, or natural stone tile.

But, before you settle for any of the above options, the factors below will inform your final decision:

Durable And Beautiful Floor2

  • Your lifestyle

What matters to you? If it’s class, go for an option that brings out your personality and character. 

  • Budget

There are flooring materials that are more costly than others. Consider what you can afford without compromising on quality. 

But also remember, there are flooring materials that will be costly to install but will require little maintenance costs. Such is polished concrete.

  • Composition of Your Family

If you have children and pets, you need flooring that’s spill-proof and anti-slip. And again, if you have an older person around, a slippery floor can mean accidents. 

  • Maintenance requirements

 Some floorings may have low installation costs but are costly to maintain. For instance, once laminates are damaged, you will need to replace them because repairing them is impossible.

  • Your Target Room

 For instance, carpets and hardwood aren’t suitable for rooms that have frequent water spills. Thus avoid them for your bathroom and kitchen.

Considering your budget and your personal preferences, you can settle for a flooring option that will be perfect for your house. Take your time to analyze the various factors we have outlined in this article. And while the budget is a crucial determinant of your options, be sure to figure out maintenance costs that may arise after installation.

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