How to Choose Bed Sheets for your Bedrooms


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Are you tired of uncomfortable bed sheets? Sleeping is our basic need, so investing for a comfortable bedding actually makes sense. Good sheets make the bedroom look beautiful and fresh. Bedsheets are as important as a cozy blanket and a quality mattress to get a dreamy and peaceful sleep. The quality has to be good, thin layered and soft because we do not use that bedsheet for a few minutes but we use that for days and weeks. Finding the best sheet that suits you perfectly is one of the most important things for a good night’s sleep. You will also find the Split King Bed Sheets in this article.

The things to consider before choosing the perfect bed sheets are listed below.

Thread Count

We usually heard about thread count. The higher the thread count, the more comfortable the sheets will be. But in some cases, it doesn’t fit best for the sheets, because the manufacturers use silicone softeners to change it, but that will disappear on the first wash. The sheets which are more comfortable are made of 100% of cotton, not the 1000-thread count. We see a lot of variety in cotton including Pima cotton, and Egyptian cotton. These are good cotton to consider for comfy bed sheets, however, if you want to purchase affordable ones for your home, buying them from Home City Inc is the best option.

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Considering percale, it is lightweight, plain and can wove tightly, which results in cool, crisp bedding perfect for a person who feels overheated when sleeping, while on the other hand microfiber is super tight, which makes it extra soft, wrinkle-resistant and is waterproof. For cooler places, the weaves to consider are lustrous sateen which is very soft and has a smooth finish, flannel, and ultra-soft which have a nappy texture. You can pick the sheet by trying touching it, you would see which one suits you perfectly.

Sheet sizes

The most important thing is to get the right size sheet that fits your bed. If not, you may buy something too small or too big that ruins the look of your bed. First, carefully measure your mattress size. Mattress size varies in thickness and depth, so make sure you are getting the perfect size. Pen down your mattress size, measuring from each side. That way you will be able to choose the right one. If your mattress size lie between 38 * 75”; Twin Sheet is what you are looking for. If size is 38*80″ Twin XL Sheets are a good fit. You can also look for a double sized of 72*84 king adjustable bed sheets.  

Sheet material

Choosing material for your bed sheets is your personal choice. But if you are looking for something light, cotton-poplin sheets are best to consider. There are other types of cottons which are breathable and soft, and can be a good option because they keep you cool in summer and warm in winter. Hotel style sheets usually are a good option because they are made for all year round weather. You can try a reasonable one like polyester but it lacks the properties that cotton has. For summers, linen is also a good choice as it absorbs heat and has a cooling effect. 


If you change sheets more often or the number of sheet sets you need is totally up to you. But remember some sheets can work for both seasons actually for a whole year. You can add a blanket over your summer sheets and boom you will enjoy the cozy winter months too.

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Prints and patterns

After deciding the basics of your bed sheet, now is the time to look for the plains or prints you want. Sheet prints play a very important role in the overall designing of the room. Plain will go for printed pillows, cushions and blankets or if you have a colored theme. Printed ones depend on your taste, as there is a large variety of prints we see in bed sheets. However, the printed ones are trending nowadays, so they will look lovely. It will be better to understand more when you will see the Product Reviews Websites from the Web.

Add other accessories

Sometimes, getting a single bed sheet along with other accessories becomes the best contrast and your bed room will look more delicate. The accessories include decorative pillows, cushions, comforters and duvet covers. You can buy trendy pillow covers to make your bed look lovelier. Look around your bedroom and look for the style and color you want for décor.

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