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Lawn Care Tips For First Time Homeowners

Being a first-time homeowner can be an overwhelming responsibility. There is so much to consider as you move into your home. These include getting to know the home’s air conditioning and heating system, paint colours, and planning the closet storage. While these could sound more important, the lawn also needs your immediate attention. This is the place you will first see as you enter the home and the last part you see as you leave. Thus, you will want to ensure that it cheers you up as you go out and as you come in. Here are some important lawn care tips for first-time homeowners.

Testing the Soil

Growing and taking care of turf can be a challenging task under normal circumstances. This is why testing the soil should come first. You can email the samples off or contact a qualified contractor to do the work for you. In any case, a soil test enables you to get helpful and valuable information about nutrient deficiencies and soil pH.

Boosting Soil Fertility and Controlling Weeds

Create a schedule to help you control the weeds while fertilizing the soil regularly. This helps keep the turf resistant to drought and healthy during the entire growing season. Eliminating the weeds will reduce the competition for the same nutrients. Though you can do the process alone, you may need an experienced contractor if the lawn is overgrown.

Lawn Grass and Flower Maintenance

You need to regularly maintain the grass to ensure that it grows to a good height and are well-shaped. Depending on the location of your new home, your favourite grass height, and the season, the turf may require mowing on a fixed schedule. Additionally, your flower beds require care in terms of weeding and changing the flowers. Your need string trimmer/weed eaters for grass cutting, home and outdoor garden care. You should also be mindful of the bushes that can overgrow and look messy. To ensure that your lawn plants get the right amount of water, keep the sprinkler system in place.

Control Your Pets from Damaging Your Lawn

While it is an amazing experience to have the dogs playing outdoors, pet faeces and urine can affect your lawn. This may mean having to allocate a section of your yard for pets as animal urine may discolour the grass. The faeces can add fertilizer and make nearby grass grow irregularly with richer colours in that area.

Lawn care and maintenance require careful planning when moving to your new home. You would not want inconveniences once you have settled. With a beautiful lawn, life becomes enjoyable every day.

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