Top 6 Benefits of Bamboo Flooring for Your Home Improvement Project


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Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo is becoming a highly popular material for a flooring option owing to its similarities to hardwood flooring. Though the natural surface covering material of bamboo has a stylish and exotic appearance, it is highly affordable flooring option. Thus, if you are having a home improvement project in your house and are looking for a nice contemporary flooring that lies within your budget, then bamboo can be an optimal option to consider. Overall, bamboo offers a number of advantages that makes it a recommended option for the homeowners.

Benefits of Installing Bamboo Flooring: There are numerous features of bamboo, which make it a flooring preference amongst many homeowners. These include the following:

{ 1 } Natural Material

With growing consciousness towards the environment, many people prefer a natural material for flooring and bamboo is one of the best options available. Since bamboo is a grass that is highly processed to produce home improvement products, it gives a great sense of personality to the entire house.

{ 2 } Durable

Certain types of bamboo, such as natural and un-carbonized bamboo, can be as durable and strong as red oak. Strand woven bamboo is even a harder material than that. Thus, properly manufactured and high-quality bamboo can be as strong as traditional hardwood.

{ 3 } Variety

Another benefit of bamboo is its availability in a variety of colours and styles. The styles include vertical, horizontal, and strand weaved, all of which have a different appearance. The types of colours include the more natural pale and golden tone, the carbonized coffee brown colour, as well as the rustic appearance of stone grey colour. One may even give an additional finish to the floor with satin-matt or matt lacquer, or even anti-slip lacquer and anti-scratch lacquer. Thus, one can choose a type of bamboo flooring that matches the style of the room or house.

{ 4 } Environment Friendly

Bamboo is a more sustainable and eco-friendly option than other types of hardwood are, as it is a highly renewable resource that matures in just three to five years. On the other hand, hardwood trees can take about twenty years to reach maturity. Moreover, after harvesting the bamboo plant, it does not need replanting, as the root continues to grow. This makes it a preferable option amongst environmentally conscious people.

{ 5 } Low Maintenance

Bamboo is highly resistant to stains, water damage, and deformation than other hardwood materials. It is thus easy to maintain bamboo floor as just a regular sweeping with a soft bristle brush is enough to keep it clean. One can also use a PH neutral cleaning spray for the wood floor for cleaning it weekly will keep the floor preserved. This easy cleaning is greatly beneficial for homeowners with busy schedules who cannot devote much time to clean the floor regularly.

Moreover, even if a bamboo floor faces scratches or discolouration, its surface may be refinished again in such case by sanding it with sandpaper and reapplying a finishing coat for a fresh look.

{ 6 } Easy Installation

Solid as well as engineered bamboo flooring can be either glued or nailed or screwed to the subfloor or even float over an underlay. There are also some types of flooring, which come with a click fitting system which makes its installation process even more simple and convenient.

In addition to all these features and aspects of bamboo, combined together with its low price than other hardwood options, make it a highly preferred material for flooring option. It is also important that you approach a reputed supplier or dealer while buying bamboo material for flooring to ensure premium quality material only.

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