Laser Level 101: What Is It and How It Can Help Homeowners

Laser level technology has increased in popularity in recent years compared to when it was first made available. The professional construction industry now uses this technology as a primary tool in building projects. Laser levels are also now available for noncommercial uses, and some homeowners have invested in it.

This article will shed light on what a laser level is and how it can help you as a homeowner.

How it works

How it works

Laser levels project a beam of light that serves as a guide when you need a straight and level reference point. Have you tried installing some shelving in your house and later on found that the shelves weren’t level? Laser levels can help by providing a visual line to guide you in situations like this.

How it can help homeowners

How it can help homeowners
There are different kinds of laser levels depending on your needs and they now come in sizes suitable for home use. Whether it’s for a DIY decor project or carpentry, laser levels are versatile tools that can help you. If you want to know which kind to get, you can read on laser level reviews to help you make the choice.

Here are the tasks at home that call for a laser level:

1.Installing cabinets

Installing cabinets
When you think about storage hacks for a tiny space, this can involve installing cabinets to maximize your space. You want to make sure that your base cabinets are level. You can use a laser level on a tripod or on a surface on one side of the room to plot a visual guide and mark the area where you want each cabinet to be placed. You never have to worry again about a sloping cabinet installation.

2.Laying tiles

Laying tiles
Using a tile laser level can make laying tiles so much easier. An important aspect when laying tiles is the right tile alignment and placement. A tile laser level can be used to verify the tile position. Laser tape measures can also quickly calculate the floor area to help you figure out the number of tiles you need.

3.Installing a ceiling

Installing a ceiling
When you need to install a secondary ceiling to hide fittings or ventilation or for design purposes, the accuracy of leveling is very critical. By using a rotary laser level, you’ll have a beam that rotates 360˚ and covers the area where you want to install the ceiling grid.

4.Marking the ceiling

Installing a ceiling
There are times that you need to mark a ceiling to install lights or other fixtures. It can be a challenging task to create straight and aligned lines when your neck is craned backward while manually using a tape measure or ruler and a pencil. Cross line laser levels can help make the job a lot easier because they project beams both horizontally and vertically.

5.Mounting heavy objects on the wall

Mounting heavy objects on the wall
When you’re attaching a heavy object on your walls like a shelf or storage box, a laser level can ensure that you can follow the stud line upon installation. Use your laser level to line the marked stud spot so you can easily drill along the stud line.

6.Hanging art

Hanging art
Having decorative art in your home can spice up your interior design. It may seem easy to hang wall art without the need of a laser level, but it might not be so when it’s not the usual hanging. Sometimes, you want a more dramatic wall art by lining many frames diagonally, or when you are hanging items on two walls for symmetry. Using a laser level won’t need you to do several calculations according to the art formations you like because you can simply project the line at certain angles.

7.Painting your wall with stripes

Painting your wall with stripes
Painting is one of the most common things you can do by yourself to save some money. Be creative and use more than one color to make a room fun and lively. You can paint stripes and geometric shapes on your walls with the help of laser levels on a tripod and a painter’s tape.

8.Using laser level outdoors

Another way a laser level can help owners is using it outdoors, such as when grading and aligning fences. Grading is the process of making sure a surface is even to have a firm foundation of what you want to do, like putting up a fence or doing some backyard landscaping.

The laser technology is now far advanced than before that even laser beam farming is a thing, and laser levels are now within reach of homeowners as an aid in doing various tasks at home. Once you get your hands on your first laser level and experience its many uses, you might want to own other types of laser levels, too!

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