Keep Your Garden and Outdoor Look Presentable All Times

With the climate in the United Kingdom being generally wet and damp, especially over the winter and autumn seasons, outdoor garden fencing sustains advanced wearing every year, which leads to mould, panel damage, rot and sun fading, all of which are unsightly and require regular maintenance from the homeowner, to keep their garden and outdoor space look presentable at all times.

In recent years however there has been a revolution in the garden fencing sphere with the launch of composite fencing including slats and panels. Generally manufactured in China, the screens and slats are hard wearing, waterproof and both UV and mould resistant, which means they require almost zero maintenance for a home owner. The structure is also very strong, meaning they are not susceptible to wind and rain damage, making them a great investment for home owners, particularly as their premium look will add value to a home.

Keep Your Garden Look Presentable All Times1

In the UK, Manchester based retailer Charles & Ivy are the leading brand, and they have a vast selection of panels and slats available for consumers. Decorative panels can be used indoors or our to add design and texture to a wall or area, and those with a flair for design, can use their trellis panels to create unique and bespoke areas within their garden to create privacy or design featured. The fencing is as versatile as the users imagination, with 9 different screens available in two colours and two different heights, they can be paired with 6 different slat colours to create beautiful unique designs that elevate a gardens appearance.

New trends within the composite sector that are due to launch over the next 12 months include planters and gates. Consumers are drawn to the premium look, and the zero maintenance and also are less inclined to go for the old fashioned wood look.

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