6 Tricks To Make Your Basement Space Look Bigger

An unfinished basement is untapped increased value for your home and your potential future man cave, entertainment space, rental unit…and so many other things.

Many homeowners have basements with low ceilings, which can contribute to a sense of confinement. If you are looking at renovating your basement, you will likely want the space to feel more open and inviting than what it was previously. But how can you possibly make your basement space look bigger without physically altering the physical structure?

Here are 6 tricks to making your basement space look bigger.

#1: Select simple patterns over complex.

Heavily printed and decorated walls can look unique, but some patterns can shorten the appearance of a space. If you want a pattern like stripes, you may want to select vertical over horizontal to exaggerate the length of your basement.


#2: Choose light colours for the ceilings and walls.

Light pastels or plain white can brighten up a room significantly and create a more inviting appearance. If the ceiling is a couple shades lighter than the ceiling, this can increase the look of a bigger space.

 #3: Don’t crowd the center of the room.

By placing your furniture arrangements along the walls of the room rather than throwing them in the middle, you can make the space seem larger. If there is a need to put furniture in the middle of a room, make sure the piece is simple.


#4: Avoid clutter.

A clean space free of excess storage, clutter and furniture will look much larger than a disorganized basement. Storage pieces and displays may help to organize things if you have a lot of collections or pictures hanging around that need a place to go.

#5: Choose reflective flooring.

Laminate or shiny wood can open up a room thanks to their reflective properties. Also, lighter carpeting or area rugs can add to this exaggerated appearance, but mainly if they have simple or no patterns.

#6: Use floor or table lamps for lighting.

Ceiling fans or light fixtures hanging from the ceiling can clutter and recede your basement space, as well as potentially making a lot of dark corners. Strategically placed table and floor lamps can mimic the appearance of natural light and open up your space.


Hiring a Developer for Your Renovations

A developer is always critical when you are looking to do modifications to your home. They can help keep your project grounded in reality, offer suggestions, advice, and help you bring your images to life.

Get to know the professionals available in your area and do your research before choosing! You’ll want a licensed expert to help you with your next basement renovation project. Different areas require different certifications; ex: Calgary basement development experts may have basement development certificates, City of Calgary permits, etc.

All in all, a basement renovation is an exciting project. If your basement is small and you would like it to appear larger, these tips might help you to exaggerate its actual size to appear more open.

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