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Jumpstart Your Mini Greenhouse with These 7 Quick Tips

Jumpstart Your Mini Greenhouse with These 7 Quick Tips

If you have always wanted to make a greenhouse, probably one of the fears that hold you back is the cost of putting one up. This should not be a concern anymore because you can make a mini greenhouse that will serve your intended purpose well. In fact, this should cost you very little and will need materials you have lying in your house. To get you started with your mini greenhouse, here is a comprehensive procedure showing you everything you need to know. Follow these 7 steps to build a mini greenhouse.

Before you begin

Before you start, make sure to avail the required tools. These include a cordless drill, a gorilla duct tape, two plastic salad containers, and the seeds you need or vegetables. With these tools in place, you can then proceed to get started with the seven steps that will lead you to create a complete mini greenhouse. You can find most of these tools in Greenhouse Stores near you.

1. Assemble your tools and materials

It’s always useful to place your tools and materials in front of you so you will not have to look for them while working. Don’t start the project until you are sure everything required is there as this will help you to work faster to achieve better results. Put a damper on things because even if the project is small you could fail to do it well if your tools are not availed on time.

2. Make holes in the salad containers to allow drainage

You need to think about drainage while creating the greenhouse. Take the 1 lb. container and using the cordless drill make a few holes that would facilitate seamless drainage. Make the holes at the bottom as this is the best position for drainage. Don’t make many of them as you would end losing water quickly and the plants might not get sufficient moisture.

3. Cut pieces of the Gorilla Duct used as hinges

The assumption while making the mini greenhouse is that you will be able to open it for inspection and to also add water to the plants occasionally. This means you have to create a cover that can be opened for this purpose. Duct tape can be used as hinges for the lid because it is durable and also strong. You could also use another brand if you prefer, but make sure it is strong and will hold the lid firmly.

4. Join the containers

Take the undrilled container and join with the drilled one. Place the undrilled one on top of the other. With this arrangement, you will have created the basis of your greenhouse and now you are ready to place your plants inside. It works just like any other greenhouse and you can have vegetables inside.

Mini Greenhouse with These 7 Quick Tips

5. Reinforce the two parts

Next step is to put reinforcement on the two containers. You will need to use the Duct Tape to create a flexible hinge that will allow you to open and close the mini greenhouse. So far, you will have a complete setup that can hold the plants.

6. Insert plants

Greenhouse plants
Up to this level, you have created a mini greenhouse and you are now ready to have the plants inside. Depending on the type of plants you would like to grow, you will find the setup easy to create. You can use seeds or even transplants to grow the variety you want. Some people even use it as a way to raise seedlings.

7. Close the lid

To ensure the lit is held in a position effectively, you can use a weighted object to close it. Clothespins would also do the trick to ensure the lid does not come off due to the wind. If you have done it up to this point, congratulations you now have a mini greenhouse at your home.

A greenhouse offers you a perfect way to grow plants at home. However, many people cannot manage to put up a complete greenhouse due to space or the cost, which makes it sensible to consider having a mini greenhouse. Building a mini greenhouse is cheaper and takes little effort because most of the materials you need can be sourced for free by recycling some things in your house. See the procedure above to know how to build a small greenhouse.

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