10 Gorgeous Home Office Inspiration Ideas

Remote working has become a common trend for numerous employees in a variety of industries, making your home office design more important than ever. This space is no longer only used for a few hours a week to catch up on some work or finish up an assignment, this is your primary office now. Meaning that your office layout, design, and décor is extremely influential to your efficiency, productivity, and work ethic. Many businesses have started employing people to work at home as this eliminates the need for them to invest money in buying an office unit for their employees. This will save the business lots of money and may save them from having to organise a merchant advance.
In addition to that, who doesn’t want a well-designed office space? After all, you will end up spending majority of your time here anyway.
Choosing a design theme is slightly more complicated than finding a picture in a magazine and thinking, “I want that one.” Of course, that is part of the process. Your theme depends on factors such as:

  • Your job – What type of tasks will you be completing? How much storage space will you need? How much space will you need in general? Does your position require more creative or analytical thinking?
  • Your personality – Are you professional, serious, and organized or creative, carefree, and spontaneous?
  • The purpose of the room – Is it your own personal office space, is it shared with others, or is it an area in another room?
  • The amount of time that will be spent in the room
  • The size of your space

We’ll discuss why these factors play a role in your office design and theme soon. While you’re deciding which styles will work best for you and your office space, here are a few inspirational ideas that might make your decision a little easier. But before you go through the list their is one more thing which you will definitely love to have in your home office, A Whiteboard. Because without a whiteboard it’s hard to imagine the creative ideas. Look officebullet.com for a perfect whiteboard advice and tips.

1. Modern

This modern style is extremely popular in both residential and commercial office spaces. Fortunately, this theme will work in any size space and is versatile and broad enough to accommodate the needs of any job position as well.
modern home office

A modern office design portrays a neat, simple, and elegant appearance. Incorporate a thin, sleek desk; not large and boxy. Hanging lights and plants make excellent décor additions to your space and improve the overall atmosphere. Include shelves and cabinets with sliding doors that can easily be decorated to tie the room together instead of a filing cabinet or commercial office storage solutions that will stand out and clash with your beautiful up-to-date space.

2. Minimalist

scandinavian minimalist home office
In a minimalist design, less is more. This theme would be perfect for those smaller rooms or job positions that don’t require much storage space, such as a writer or blogger. Incorporate neutral colors like white, gray, or black. Don’t go overboard with decorations, maybe just a plant and a picture or two hanging on the wall or sitting on your shelf. A small, open, hanging shelf is perfect for storage and your desk and chair should be thin and simple.

3. Traditional

When I think of a traditional office design, a state senator’s office is what comes to mind. There are plenty of wooden accents and mostly neutral colors like black, white, gray, brown, navy blue, or maroon. There is an excessive amount of storage in the office; shelves, cabinets, desk drawers, etc. Décor is simple, not over-the-top or distracting. There is additional seating for guests and the desk chair is large and usually leather.
traditional home office
The traditional office is subtle but provides everything you’ll need for the day if you tend to spend most of your day in your office, but also requires plenty of space and a private room separate from the rest of the house.

4. Bright & Colorful

I would categorize my style under the bright and colorful theme. You like pops of color, unique patterns, and attention-grabbing décor. These elements can easily bring an office space from dreary and dull to creative and vibrant. Integrate colors such as yellow and orange which inspire creativity.
eclectic bright home office
I would recommend this design style for a job position that requires more creative and less analytical thinking, such as design, fashion, writing or blogging, or a social media manager or anyone with a bold, lively personality.

5. Professional

A professional office design is exactly what you would expect. Space has a large, modern desk and chair, plenty of modern yet functional storage solutions but not an excessive amount, and subtle, neutral, and limited décor. This space should make you feel like the CEO or president. Perhaps you need to feel like you’re working in a corner office on the twentieth-floor company office space to get any work done from your home office.
eclectic professional home office
This design would work best in a large home office space and for someone with a top-management job position (of course, that’s not required). Maybe you just like the appearance of this room; that’s fine too.

6. Creative

This space would be perfect for anyone in interior design, fashion, arts, and crafts, or any type of hands-on, creative job position. Incorporate bright colors and fun patterns and decorations. Store all your materials in easy to reach, DIY storage compartments and provide yourself with multiple working/seating positions and stations.
industrial creative home office
This type of workspace won’t necessarily need to be completely secluded from the rest of your house, however, you will need plenty of space to work and stay organized.

7. Comfortable

scandinavian comfortable home office
A comfortable work environment is necessary for anyone who spends an extended amount of time in their office or whose job requires uninterrupted focus and concentration. Comfort extends beyond your desk chair as well. Provide yourself with a secondary seating option, keep all your necessities within reach, offer various lighting options such as natural light, a desk lamp, and ceiling light, and allow individual temperature controls. Keep a pillow and blanket for your chair and hang plenty of personal pictures of family and friends nearby.

8. Multifunctional

contemporary multifunctional home office
A multifunctional office space is required if the room in which your office is located also serves a second purpose. For example, maybe your office space is also your kids’ homework area or arts and crafts room. Perhaps you share an office with someone or multiple other people. Or, maybe your office is simply a desk, chair, and a few shelves in your bedroom, kitchen, or sunroom. In these scenarios, your workspace is typically in a limited amount of space. Therefore, include only the necessities.

Although the room shares multiple purposes, be sure that your workspace includes only your work materials and remains organized. If your desk is in your bedroom, don’t also use it as a makeup vanity or a place to store your sweatshirts or coats.

9. Rustic

rustic home office
A rustic design is similar to a farmhouse style. Plenty of wooden or dark metal accents and a faded or worn-down appearance. Personally, this concept is one of my favorites as well. I also like to incorporate pops of color to brighten the space up a little bit more. The design is simple and subtle with lots of homemade looking furniture and decor.

This design theme will work in any size space and for any job position. This style depends solely on your personality and preferences.

10. Vintage, Historical, or Antique

shabby chic style Vintage home office
The elements incorporated in a vintage or antique theme will rely heavily on which decade you wish to convey. Above is an antique style desk; lots of drawers, all wooden elements, limited décor, and the unique, curved design. However, a vintage style would look completely different from this.

I recommend searching Google for the decade you’re attempting to portray and base your inspiration off of what you find.

Create an office space that fits perfectly with your job position and personality and fulfills maximum comfort and satisfaction. If you were having trouble figuring out where to begin; hopefully these suggestions have provided you with some inspiration. Choose a theme and make space your own. Your home office may just be the most important space in your house. After all, this is your job and career success we’re talking about.

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