Invest in Budget Garage Doors that Will Last

Too many homeowners skimp on the garage doors they have installed on your finished garage only to suffer from poor performance and failures early on. This is an issue that’s easily avoided by getting the right doors installed on your garage, but it’s important to realize that you don’t have to spend a fortune on your doors either. Below we’ll go over choosing quality garage doors for your home and how you can manage your budget and the quality of the product to get something that you’ll be happy with in the end.

Look for Well-Known Door Brands

Don’t go with door brands that you’ve never heard of or that don’t have a strong reputation just to save a bit of money, this is almost never a good idea. That’s because the lower quality brands usually make use of low-quality materials and they rarely back their products with decent warranties. That means if you run into a problem with your budget door, you’ll have to pay to have the door repaired or replaced on your own. By investing in high-quality door brands you can get a good solid warranty with your purchase. That way you know you’re protected and that you can get an issue resolved effectively if you run into any problems.
Look for Well-Known Door Brands

Consider Aluminum Doors Among Others

Aluminum doors are lightweight and surprisingly strong. Not only that, but they’re affordable as well. That’s why they are one of our top recommendations for buyers searching for new garage doors for their homes. These doors can be had in a wide range of sizes, and when installed properly they will last for many years without any sort of issues at all. Whatever material you decide on for your doors, make sure it’s well-made, thick and designed to last for many years. Also avoid more luxurious garage doors that will come with massive price tags, because many of these products don’t last any longer than well-made budget doors do. It’s up to you to find the product that’s going to fit your budget and give you the best performance. Or, if you aren’t sure about what to pick, you can talk with our experts at Nabors Garage Doors for help and we can walk you through the best product matches for your needs. With a bit of help from our team, you can end up with doors that will last for many years while also looking the way you want them to.

Look at Quality Motors as Well

Whether you’re getting old doors replaced, or you’re investing in doors for a new garage, the motors you purchase are just as important as the doors themselves. Get a powerful enough motor that offers between ⅜ to ¾ HP of pulling power while also being built to withstand years of use. Also, consider getting a belt-driven motor instead of a chain-driven option if you want a system that’s easy to maintain and nice and quiet. Well-made motors will come with reliable warranties that you can use to have any issues repaired if a problem does arise. Since motors are one of the first things to fail on a new garage door installation, make sure you get a product that’s going to last. If you aren’t sure what sort of motor you should get for your doors, talk with our team today and we’ll help you get the right power, the right brand and help with considering extra features like automatic garage door openers as well.

Don’t Skimp on Installation

Don’t Skimp on Installation
Finding good-quality garage doors is just the first step in the process of finishing out your garage with doors you can use. The next step is getting an installer that’s going to put the doors in properly. Even the best garage doors on the market will only function well if they’re installed properly. That’s why it’s important to take the time and verify that you have a high-quality installer putting in your doors. At Budget Garage Doors we pride ourselves on providing well-trained installers with extensive experience with the specific doors you’re going to have put on your home. Our installers will put the doors in properly using the right hardware and the most reliable installation techniques, and the end result is a door that’s going to hold up longer and perform as it’s intended for many years.

As long as you invest in a proven door brand, you buy a high-quality product and you ensure that you have dependable lift motors to raise and lower your doors, you shouldn’t have any problems with your doors once they are installed. Regular maintenance and the occasional repair will keep your doors going for more than a decade.

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