Transform Your Yard with Beautiful Hardscapes

Create the perfect entertaining space or add a bit of beauty to the front or back of your home with new patio or paver work. Many homeowners resort to decks to give them the space they want to enhance their landscape, but decks come with a great deal of maintenance. Investing in hardscapes gives you a longer-lasting solution and you’ll still enjoy a wide range of customization options when working with the right company. The trick is finding a company that’s going to help you get beautiful results that you’re happy with in the end.

Ensure there is Proper Drainage Present

At Legion Landscaping we start off every hardscape project by evaluating the drainage that’s in the space initially. We inspect your land and make sure that your new hardscape isn’t going to be damaged by pooling water and other moisture issues. Our team will lay down gravel, create a hard tamped surface and make a finished surface that’s perfect for your new design. This work adds more time, effort and cost to your project, but it’s the only way to achieve long-lasting results that you can rely on.
Ensure there is Proper Drainage Present

Get the Perfect Hardscape Design

Hardscapes are heavy and time-intensive to install. Not to mention that the materials are costly to purchase. Make sure you have a design you love before ever having anything installed in your yard. Our landscape designers will sit down with you and talk about everything that you want out of your new hardscape. After a lengthy discussion, they will go away and draw up designs that give you everything you’re looking for. We’ll meet up once more to talk about the finished design and to consider any revisions that need to be made and then move on to building the actual finished product.

Get Exactly the Hardscape Setup that You Want

Our team of expert masons and landscapers will take the materials that you like best that will work for your desired project and install them beautifully. We focus on creating a durable and functional product that’s also beautiful to look at. That means that all the pavers, tiles, blocks and cement pads will be put in with precision. Don’t work with low-cost companies that will rush through your installation and leave you with poor results. Instead, find a company that’s going to do the job right and leave you with results that you can really be proud of in the end.

Get Professional Results Fast

If you want to enjoy your finished landscape project as soon as possible the best option is to hire professionals to do the work. This becomes even more important if you have a celebration, a birthday party or another deadline that you want the work finished for. Make sure you have a good reliable organization to come in and do all this landscaping work for you. When you hire a dependable business you’ll get your finished product in the timeline proposed and you’ll be thrilled with the finished results as well.

Pay for Work that Will Last

There’s no point in paying for hardscape designs or any landscape work if the finished products aren’t going to last. Make sure you work wit ha company that’s going to do all the work properly, starting with installing the necessary drainage and base layer that your finished patio or walkway needs. Even a simple walk in your front yard requires extensive drainage and work in some instances. Make sure you’re hiring seasoned professionals and you’ll still have that hardscape to enjoy in a decade from now.
Pay for Work that Will Last

Work with Landscapers that Offer Other Services as Well

Most landscaping projects don’t just involve a new hardscape. They incorporate additional features such as plants, retaining walls, water fountains and other features that really bring the finished product together. Work with a company that handles all of these different tasks to make sure you can get the whole project completed at once. This is the only way to get top quality results with your latest upgrade and it’s a worthwhile investment. You’ll save time and probably money as well by hiring one company to do all your landscaping.

Quality hardscapes can transform your yard into something to celebrate. Take your dull space and make it into something usable and lovely with professional help. Just make sure you hire a company that’s proven, that will take time to walk you through the finished design and that will give you exactly what you want in the end.

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