Interior Design Tips To Design Your First Bedroom

Designing your first bedroom is one of the best steps to take when growing up. The excitement of being able to have space to yourself and the plus side of being able to personalize it the way you want. Your bedroom is the one room in your house that should matter most to you. Your bedroom should be the most comfortable and relaxing room in the house – it should be your own sanctuary. 

Whether you decide to have a luxurious feel to the room or a more earthy, sandy vibe, you will notice a beautiful sense of calm after decorating it the way you want. This article will give you 5 wonderful tips on how to design your first bedroom. 

1. Choose a color scheme

The color scheme of your bedroom is what will set up the whole ambiance, it is the first thing you will notice about your room when you step into it. Choosing the right colors for your personality can prevent the room from feeling boxed up and gloomy. The color combinations you decide will impact how you feel in your room. 

Neutrals are a common color palette for bedrooms because they are soothing and safe. Popular neutral colors are ivory, white, gray, peach. These colors work well with brighter decorations such as curtains and bedsheets. Neutrals are most commonly used because they work well with any decorations for festivities, celebrations, or seasons. Pastel colors are soft and relaxing, they provide a sense of peace in the bedroom. The best pastels for bedrooms are soft blues, lavender, light pinks. Pastel walls can make the bedroom look very elegant but also cute and fun. Lastly, if you are someone who thrives around bright, saturated colors, expressive colors for your bedroom wall may be the right choice. An example is spring green, coral, dark green, red, or navy. 


2. Find images of inspiration 

One of the best ways to figure out the type of bedroom you want and the vibe you want to be in is by looking at inspirations online. Creating a Pinterest board just for your bedroom is a great idea. Here you can save images of bedrooms that you like and come back to look at them later. Inspiration for color schemes can also come from here. It is a great tool because it allows you to see how the colors would look on the walls and what type of ambiance they create. 

These inspiration images don’t only have to be used for color schemes. You can take inspiration from decorations, curtains, and even the layout of the room itself. Looking at images of other rooms can help you decide where to place certain pieces of furniture since the layout of the room creates a big impact on its ambiance.

3. Make your bed the priority space

Your bedroom is the space for you to sleep and your body to relax and heal from the day’s events. It is already in the name, the bed is the centerpiece of the bedroom. You want to make your bed as comfortable and luxurious as possible. The bed doesn’t have to look luxurious but it does have to feel that way. BestMatressAustralia has the most comfortable mattresses that will leave you longing to hit the hay. 

The sheets you choose also have a big impact on the feeling of your bed. Choosing sheets that fit the color scheme and your personality will make you feel a sense of coziness and belonging once in bed. By using inspiration images you want to decide where your bed will be placed in the room first, then you can decorate with furniture and other details around your centerpiece. 


4. Details 

The details that you add to your bedroom will liven it up. Choosing the right decor such as furniture, curtains, rugs and small decor will impact how the room feels during both the day and night. These small things make up the biggest impact on your bedroom’s ambiance because they end up taking up most of the space. The bookshelves and desk shapes that you choose will impact the dynamic of the room. Choosing oddly shaped shelves would be suitable if you are looking to make your room unique and unexpected.  

Having one main light fixture is a great way to immediately spruce up your living room. Warm lighting is usually what works best, it ensures your room emits a warm and comforting feeling. Most times white light can be too much, making the room seem like a hospital or medical facility. 

5. Personalization 

Lastly, personalizing your room is the most fun and most important aspect of this experience. This space is your to fully transform into a haven, decorated to your own style and comfort. Adding things like posters and paintings to your wall tiles in your own likes and hobbies. These personal touches are what will make the room feel like your own little home. 

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