Nine Ways To Make Your Home feel Super Classy From The Outside


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Taking on a home remodeling project is the perfect way to modernize and improve your home’s curb appeal. According to a recent study, nearly half of the people who participated stated that they used home improvement projects to improve their homes’ layout, feel, and look. 

After all, the last thing you would want to do is get stuck up decorating your home’s interior that you neglect entirely and forget about its exterior portion. Not to mention, your home’s external condition is the first thing that passersby take a look at. It is why finding ways to improve this area’s aesthetic appeal is vital when it comes to leaving a lasting impression on your friends, family, and relatives.

Whether you have a traditional or modern property, there are tons of complicated and simple changes and tweaks you can make- from your front door’s color to your windows and cladding- to add more to your home’s exterior appeal. That said, as with any house exterior remodeling regime, you need to do it according to your home’s existing style. 

So keep reading down below to find a few tips on how to revamp your house’s exterior for a modern and updated look.

Dress up your garage door.

If your home’s garage door is visible from the street, consider matching it with your house’s design as closely as possible. After all, a garage door that looks out of place is a big turn-off for potential buyers or renters.

So, consider painting your garage door in a way that matches with other exterior aspects of your house. Also, don’t forget to add lights similar to those used on your front entrance. Finally, if you have some spare cash, replace your garage door entirely with a more modern and classy-looking one. 

Here’s a helpful tip, if you out of ideas and need some inspiration, check out Garage Door Blog for unique garage door ideas. 

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Cover your home’s entrance.

A bit of overhead cover is an ideal choice for making your home look modern and more welcoming. Not to mention, it will give you and your family much-needed cover from those rainy days. Likewise, a small entrance accompanied by a pediment works perfectly with colonial-style homes as it adds tons of definition and style to your front door. 

Moreover, covered porches and front entrances also work well with cottages. So, if you the means and the rooms, go for it!

Change your front door.

A different-styled door will have a massive impact on your home’s exterior. Consider removing your old wooden door and replacing it with one that contains elements of glass. Doing so lighten up your home and allow natural light to flow inside it. So, search the market for a door that matches your home’s existing style while adding a modern and unique touch.

Redo your driveway.

Your driveway is a small but essential piece of your home’s exterior puzzle. If it’s worse for wear, potential buyers and renters will turn away. Plus, your home will look like an eyesore. However, if it’s in great shape, buyers will flock around like bees on honey.

You can choose from tons of driveway design options available nowadays, including; stained, story, or brick-style driveways. However, go for one that adds a classy and modern touch to your home’s exterior and lasts for a long time. After all, your drive will see tons of abuse and wouldn’t want to be spending tons of money redoing it again and again.

Illuminate your pathway.

Never rely on a single roof-mounted or lamp post to lighten up your pathway. Instead, install solar-powered spotlights inside your garden and direct them in a way that highlights your pathway. Showing a clear path to your front door adds a touch of security to your home while also promoting warmth and unique design elements.

Upgrade your porch fixtures.

Upgrading your porch will spice up your home’s exterior in an instant. Moreover, as mentioned above, exterior lights are a worthwhile investment since they experience much abuse from outside elements. 

Moreover, inexpensive hardware and light fixtures might show wear and tear faster and require replacements sooner rather than later. For a more resilient, durable, and corrosion-free option, install copper or brass fixtures instead of aluminum fixtures on your front porch to add to its visual appeal.


Give your shrubs some TLC.

If your shrubs look weary and show more branches than leaves, they require snipping. Moreover, You would want your shrubs to take in ample light to promote healthy growth. Furthermore, try to stay away from motorized pruners and instead manually prune your shrubs with sharp tools. 

Motorized pruners will only touch the top part of your shrubs, which will result in poor air circulation if they’re placed near windows or your front door.

That said, not every shrub will require pruning. For example, plants such as cedars, spruces, and junipers don’t respond well to pruning, while favorite hedge plants such as cherry laurel, privet, Taxus, holly, and boxwood become neat and lush when regularly pruned.

Install the right roof.

Like your driveway or your front porch, your home’s roof is something that, when it looks proper, you might not give much thought to it. However, if it’s old or worn out, it will become an eyesore. That said, If you want to pull off your old roof and install a new one, you must take the practical approach first. If there is some life left inside your old roof, consider repairing it for a wallet-friendly system.

However, if it’s completely gone, take your roof replacement budget into account and choose a variety you can afford. Furthermore, it will be best to consult with a roof repair professional to ensure that you select the color and style that matches other aspects of your home.

Install window boxes.

Are you searching for a way to make your home’s windows stand out more? If yes, then installing window boxes is the perfect way to achieve such a feat. However, instead of taking on the DIY approach, hire professional window installation services to make the job much easier. In addition, they will be able to anchor these window boxes properly their decrease the chances of falling and breakage.


If you’re bored of the way your home’s exterior looks, now is the time you do whatever is necessary to increase its curb appeal. Take the time to assess your home’s exterior and refresh everything that looks old, worn-out, and out of place. Doing so will ensure that you add value to your home and increase its aesthetic appeal in the process.

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