4 Innovative Uses for Prefab Metal Buildings

With the high cost of building, an increasing number of people, businesses and government entities are looking to build structures within their financial means. This is, perhaps, the number one reason why prefab garage buildings are becoming so popular. Not only are they easy to erect but they cost less than most other types of construction and can be put together within days. Here are just 4 innovative uses for prefab metal buildings.

1. Horse Barns

From time to time, society sees major shifts in housing trends. In the 1960s it was ‘back to the land’ and a focus on natural living. Then the shift turned back towards finding housing in cities, to the suburbs at the turn of the century and now we are back in rural mode. More and more families are moving outwards once again. Horses are a big draw to country living, but most homes don’t come with barns.
If you are looking for an inexpensive way to build a horse barn, check out the wide assortment of prefab metal buildings on http://armstrongsteel.com/. Many are ideally suited for use as a horse barn and believe it or not, they are manufactured for use in all weather, hot or cold.

2. Off-Grid Dwellings/Tiny Homes

Tiny homes have captivated the nation. We are still in a downsizing mode that rose in popularity as a result of the Great Recession at the latter part of the last decade. In fact, that trend is growing by leaps and bounds. Prefab metal buildings make for affordable housing and are absolutely perfect to construct, customize and insulate for use as a tiny home. Looking to move closer to nature and away from all the stress of city living? Off-grid living in a tiny home is where it’s at.

3. Auto Mechanic Shops

In keeping with societal changes that resulted from the most recent recession, more and more people are going into business for themselves. Many workers became displaced as corporations cut their workforce, often in half. Auto mechanics were no exception to the rule. Are you running a home based auto mechanic service? A prefab metal building is the cheapest solution to building your own garage. They are cheaper than traditional structures and are easy to erect. You’re a mechanic after all and great with tools! This is your #1 solution.

4. Portable Classrooms

The population has literally exploded and there seems to be more kids than schools have room for. In an effort to offer an education, some schools are offering online curriculum even for grade school students. However, there is an alternative. Why not consider ‘portable classrooms’ which are cheaper to build and as safe a structure as you could hope for. They can be insulated for climate control and can be as large or small as you deem necessary. A great alternative to distance education.

These 4 innovative uses for prefab metal buildings are just the start of what you can do with them. If you have need for extra space of any kind, you might want to consider just how useful metal buildings can be. From garages to classrooms, there is no end to how they can be used. What kind of space do you need? Metal buildings could be the answer you seek.

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