Rangemaster Range Cookers – Add Contemporary Style In Your Kitchen

Rangemaster is the leaders in range cookers, with a range of contemporary and traditional designs. The cookers have grown in popularity because of their style and excellent functionality and are set for an exciting future as the number one choice across Europe. With this in mind, here we take a look at the evolution of the popular kitchen brand.

The development of Rangemaster

The story began in 1803 when John Flavel set up a factory in Leamington Spa. The factory became a major employer and by 1833 the famous Eagle Foundry was founded. This enabled the famous local family to expand and develop new cookers, with ground-breaking technology. In 1830, John’s son William designed the first Kitchener range cooker, which was set for big things.

The Kitchener

The Kitchener was the first range cooker, it was manufactured from cast iron and was powered by solid fuels. It was designed to keep the room warm and allow users to cook, all from the same fuel source. The range was the first of its kind and was celebrated throughout the era for its engineering. The range allowed users to cook separate items over the one fire for the first time. The Kitchener was so popular the Duchess of Gloucester ordered one for Kensington Palace.

The end of the 19th century

Over the next 50 years, the Kitchener continued to win many awards across the world, and its design went from strength to strength. Gradually word spread and by the end of the century, the stove was used in everything from royal households to small cottages across Europe.

Developments following the First World War

During the First World War, there were significant advances made in the use of gas and electricity as superior fuel supplies. This brought a new generation of ranges, thanks to the sharing of technology between Rangemaster and its sister company AGA. The manufacturing passed to Alastair Darby and the foundry at Coalbrookdale, where Rayburns and AGAs have been produced since 1946. Sidney Flavel was a key designer of both the look and technology behind the Rangemaster. Many of the modern cookers we use are based on his initial designs in Leamington Spa, which have helped shaped the modern world of cooking.

1951 to 1995

The Rangemaster was the first cooker available in a variety of possible colours, with fold away grills and also dual fuel options. The Rangemaster 110, which was produced in 1995, was the first double oven produced. Ever since this has been the most popular choice and consumers are continuing to demand new products which build upon this technology.

Investments for the future

In 2002 the Royal Leamington Spa base was turned into a centre of excellence for range cooking. Sidney Flavel’s original Eagle Foundry benefitted from an investment of £3 million, which saw the whole site transformed and the factory benefited from some major improvements. The groundbreaking research & development centre has allowed Rangemaster to become the number one range manufacturer in Europe, a position which is expected to last for many years. The ranges are continued to be produced in the UK with constant innovation and design used to create new ranges. Although the ranges are produced in the UK, they are available globally. On March 4th, 2015, the millionth range cooker was manufactured in Leamington Spa.

Rangemaster in the future

Today, there are a variety of range cookers available in a range of colours and styles. To give consumers a range of options, they are available in electric, gas and dual fuel options. Today’s consumers like to be able to cook quickly so the tops are available in ceramic and induction finishes. We look forward to seeing what the latest engineers and designers produce.

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