How To Create The Ultimate Guest Bedroom

We’ve all had those moments where a friend or family member unexpectedly stays over, and you’re left with nothing to offer them to sleep on but a cramped sofa. While having guests stay over in your home is great, not everyone is as equipped for overnight stays as they’d like! If you’ve decided it’s time to do something with your spare bedroom, take a look at these great tips on how to create a guest bedroom you and your visitors will love.

Choose welcoming colours

First things first, you’ll need to consider how the room is going to be decorated. Shades of white, grey, and beige are great for giving the space a relaxed feel, so think about choosing minimal colours such as these for the walls. If you have wooden floors, add a fluffy rug for a welcoming touch. Other textiles like throws and cushions will also add to the overall soft feel of the space – perfect for a cosy night’s sleep!

Keep it comfortable

When it comes to any bedroom, the most important thing is usually the bed itself. Treat your guests to a comfortable, high-quality bed for top hospitality points. Styles like a grey velvet divan bed will make for a comfortable sleep while also adding to that luxury hotel room feel that’s great for guest bedrooms. Make sure the mattress you use doesn’t have any signs of wear such as loose springs which could cause discomfort, and ensure the bedding is nice and clean. Beds with guest beds that slot easily underneath the bed are also ideal for when families stay over, providing two sleeping solutions in an instant.

Engage the senses

Who doesn’t love to be greeted by the scent of fresh flowers when walking into a room? Make sure you keep your guest room extra special by adding some floral displays or freshly scented room sprays for a homely feel. Lavender is a good choice, as the scent has been known to aid a good night’s sleep. Sprinkle lavender essence onto pillows or light some lavender scented candles for a calming sensory experience.

Think of the little things

Don’t forget the finishing touches! Fluffy towels, bathrobes and slippers will make your visitors feel even more at home, as will leaving some essential toiletries like mini shampoo and shower gel. Provide a place for people to hang their clothing if they’re here for a longer stay, such as a clothes rail or small wardrobe, and give them a dedicated space to keep shoes to save the room looking untidy.

Do you have any more tips on how to decorate a guest bedroom? Let us know in the comments!

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