Imposing Urban Work By Brazilian Architect Paulo Mendes da Rocha


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Concrete fireplace view

The crowded and riot in the big city make folks to think with peaceful life right by the rural area. But this is not absolute factor. The Brazilian Architect has made it to create such comfortable house with imposing urban work. The Imposing Urban Work By Brazilian Architect Paulo Mendes Da Rocha, which is very unique, can be the design for a vacation house during summer, or it is great if you simply just want urban home design.

Some folks want to visit these kind of houses for their vacation, some folks simply want to have these houses. Depending on your desire, Imposing Urban house by Brazilian Architect can bring such peaceful and natural ambiance in your house.

The urban house commonly connotes one of two ideals, either a nice and comfortable cottage or luxury beach house. Cottages, as the folks generally know, are urban houses made for vacations and people also associate them with the rest houses. While the other is often we call as regular home. But it is up to you on what you prefer to be.

To impose such urban work, you must not scare away since every house can be very friendly to its owner. There are many designs that you can aspire but let’s see to the Brazilian Architect masterpiece. You can also find the remarkable inspirations from these.

Paulo Mendes da Rocha, the Brazilian Architect who imposes the urban work, works almost exclusively in Brazil. Many of the houses made by concrete, a popular method often called as “Brazilian Brutalism”. It allows the buildings to be built cheaply and quickly. Such cultural buildings trend would never die. These are the collections of one of most notable cultural buildings designed by him.

Ground floor free plan view toward backyard

West elevation

Overall view from east

Bedrooms evening view from hallway

Concrete fireplace view

Bedrooms evening view from hallway

Living room overall view

Backyard aerial view from elliptical staircase

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