31 Brilliant Stairs Decals Ideas & Inspiration

Your staircase might be the last place in your home you’d think to decorate. But after seeing these staircases, you’ll realize that a boring staircase is an opportunity squandered. Here we share 30 brilliant pictures of Stairs Decals Ideas & inspiration.

Vibrant Paint Patterns Brighten Up Urban Landscapes

Dihzahyners is a team of artists who strive to create a more bright and beautiful Beirut through colorful public art. Specifically, Paint Up! is an ongoing project in which teams of artists gather together and decorate the city, one step at a time. The group says, “We realized that we could add energy and vigor to our city by simply painting certain locations that needed it—and where else to start but with the stairs?” (Via)

Beirut Colors Stairs decals ideas

Rainbow Bricks Stair decals ideas

Under Stairs Storage Ideas (Via)

An abundance of space is something most of us can’t celebrate, under stairs can be a perfect space to create clever storage solutions – whilst being an interesting feature within this versatile space. If you struggle to use stairs, why not look into the cost of a domestic lift.

Bike Rack Stairs decals ideas

Blue and White (Via)

Blue and White Wallpaper Stairs decals ideas

Painting Stair Risers (Via)

Bold Patterns Stairs decals ideas

Books Glorious Books (Via)

Books Stairs decals

Chalkboard Paint Ideas (Via)

Chalkboard Stairs decals

Removable wallpaper – Vinyl wall sticker decal

Transform your staircase in minutes with these removable stair decals! The chevron pattern will add a pop of modern decor to your place in no time! Order these in sets of 3 to determine the number that suits you best. (Via)

Chevron Stairs decal ideas

Wallpapered Stairs Sarah Moore Vintage (Via)

Floral Wallpaper Stairs decals ideas

Creative Painted Stairs – 3D Circles

Giant Dots Stairs decals ideas

The Much Anticipated Stairs

Michelle Allen’s hand painted stairs lead to her home studio above the garage. (Via)

Handpainted Stairs decals ideas

Lighting & Staircase Design (Via)

LED lighting will make the stairs more attractive and attract more attention.


Decorating Stair With Mice (Via)

Small decals or painted pictures achieve some of the same effect as the tiles above

Mice Stairs decals ideas

Stair With Number

You can add a little something new to carpet stairs led by numbering on each level.

Numbered Stairs decals ideas

A Green Color For The Stairs (Via)

Ombre Stairs Stairs decals ideas

Orange Pop

Color block your home by taking inspiration from this green wall, orange stairs, and blue alcove.

Orange Pop Stairs decal ideas

Irregular painted stairs (Via)

Painted Irregular Stripes Stair decals ideas

Pantone Stairs

In Dutch interior magazine ELLE Wonen I found this ‘Pantone stairs’. The gorgeous stairs is part of the studio of Tamotsu Yagi Design in San Fransisco.

Pantone Stair decals ideas

Piano Key Staircases (Via)

Piano Keys decals ideas

Staircase Inspired by Polka Dot Design (Via)

Polka Dot Stair decal ideas

Beautiful Effect Rainbow Stairs Design (Via)

Rainbow Stairs decals idea

Yarn Bombed

Superb Stair Riser Ideas (Via)

Seaside Hues Stairs decals idea

Opening Ceremony Stairs (Via)

Song Lyrics Stair decals idea

House rules quotes wall stickers (Via)

taircase Decal

Striped Staircase Runner (Via)

Teal and Yellow Stairs decals idea

Decorate Stair with Washi Tape (Via)

Washi Tape stair decals idea

Print for Interiors (Via)

White and Wood Stairs decals

Paint a Staircase DIY (Via)

With paint, stencils and a little time, you can personalize your stairs with a range of textures, patterns and colors.

XOXO Stairs decals

Zebra Staircase Design (Via)

Zebra Stairs decals

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