Importance of Easy Cleaning and Ways to Clean Tile and Grout

Cleanliness is a virtue. No matter it is your body or your house. It is something that is directly related to your health. A clean house provides you a healthy ambiance. The more you work hard to clean, the more it remains hygienic. As a result, you keep yourself and your closed ones as fit as a fiddle.

Floor Type

Our topic of discussion is tile, and one of the main reasons for it to be so trendy is that it takes the least effort to be cleaned. You can be vigorous with your cleaning process. You could use any all-natural products to make a cleaning solution at home. Sometimes you could just dust the dirt. It gets clean in every possible way. The flooring type doesn’t make you anxious, thinking you need to be utmost careful while cleaning it. Neither not mopping it will start damaging it from within. When it comes to tile & floor restoration, Clean Image of Orlando is the best solution.
Floor Type


Next comes the type of cleaner that makes your cleaning process easy. It’s a teamwork right. You will need to be hardworking and pro cleanliness, the floor type has to be easy going and the cleaner has to do most of the work in no time so that you do not have to make the extra efforts. So, how to clean tile and grout, and in our opinion, the process should be easy for you, as you need to do it daily.


The first step to clean tile and grout is dusting. Dusting with a broom is enough. We don’t realize how effective daily dusting is. When you dust your house flooring daily, you are removing dirt from the house, every particle. So, there are no layers of dust gathered on the floor. The floor will be clean, scratch-free, and you can wet mop it only once a week.


The next step to clean tiles and grout is wet mopping. Use tap water, actually warm tap water. Warm water is more effective than regular water. Just boil the water and use a stick mop to sweep the flooring. Daily dusting and mopping once a week will keep your tile and grout neat and tidy.

Cleaning Stubborn Dirt

If you have dropped something on the floor, or suppose you had guests at your house, or it rained outside, thus there are big footprints all over your home, make sure to clean the mess immediately. When you wipe it at once, warm water will be enough to remove it. If you leave it even for a few hours, that will make your cleaning process complicated and time-consuming.

The Hard Part of the Job

Till now, we were telling you about what you should do. Even while suggesting we knew most of you are too busy to do daily dusting and once in a week mopping, let alone two, three times. That is when your tiles gather layers of dirt on it, and your grout starts getting ugly. Because the grout is getting time to collect the filth and when you sweep the floor hastily once in a while, you miss most of the narrow spaces. So, it continues gathering dirt in it. Your residential tiles groove could look clean, but the grout line, never. Tile flooring is easy on us; the hard part of it is the grout only.

Cleaning The Grout

There are two ways to clean grout. The first one is an effective one, which will cost you a few bucks as you will need a few easy to get ingredients, and the second option is a steam cleaner.

A steam cleaner is actually the best way to clean the grout. It is quick and needs no effort. The only work you do is holding the steam cleaner over the grout lines.

But before talking about the best steam cleaner for tile and grout, not any specific product, though as most of them by popular brands are really good, let us cover the cleaning process with easy ingredients and tools. We know a steam cleaner could be unaffordable for many, no matter how well it works.

Cleaning with Easy Ingredients

This cleaning process requires baking soda, a chemical compound, and a toothbrush. Keep in mind this is for stubborn dirt stuck on the grout. It is not what you use to mop the whole house.

The chemical compound we are talking about is nothing severe. It’s the hydrogen peroxide (H2O2). It is non-toxic but works well to activate the baking soda. You will have to mix four tablespoons of H2O2 in half a cup of baking soda to make a thin paste.

Apply the liquid or paste in the grout lines till it dries. 10-15 minutes is apt. Then scrub the grout with a toothbrush. Do not go overboard using force while scrubbing. The mixture will be enough to break the dirt, and you will hardly need to put vigor while scrubbing. A gentle rubbing with a toothbrush will be enough to get a clean grout line free of all the sticky dirt.
Cleaning with Easy Ingredients

Cleaning with A Steam Cleaner

Unlike the baking soda and H2O2 combo, a steam cleaner can be used to clean the whole tile flooring. You just walk and stand straight, holding the steam cleaner and maneuver it to clean the tile and grout.

Clean the tiles with the large mop head, and the grouts will need the small nylon brush, which already comes with the steam cleaner. The heat works best to break the dirt from the grout. And in no time the grouts are cleaned.

It sanitizes too and kills 99.9% germs and bacteria without any harsh chemicals. The process is to fill the water tank of the steam cleaner and plug it in. Wait 5-10 minutes for the water to heat up and emit steam. Then move the steam cleaner over the flooring. Just change the head from the big mop head to the small brush while cleaning the grouts.

Those who could maintain cleanliness in every sphere of their life deserve all the accolades. It is genuinely tough to do. Just compare cleaning a house to the things we do to keep our bodies clean. The figure we are talking about is merely the size of one opening of a double door. And then imagine cleaning your whole house. The flooring, the furniture, the door, the windows, the ceiling, the corners, the edges, the countertops, and it is a long list. It’s crazy even to imagine. So, one should do everything to make the whole cleaning process easy.

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