Iconic Palm Springs Homes to Inspire Your Desert Home Update

Your home may be in desperate need of an update. You have a lot of ideas, but you need to hone it down to whatever would be best suited for your abode. You should speak with Palm Springs interior designers to see if they have any ideas. Another great way to spark your creativity is to look at nearby Palm Springs houses. You may not do exactly what these homes have done, but they can point you in the right direction.

Loewy House

Loewy House

One of the great sites in Palm Springs is the Loewy House. It was designed by Albert Frey for Raymond Loewy, who was a famous industrial designer. There are a lot of incredible features found throughout this house, including a ton of windows and a low-slung pavilion. It has a stunning view of the desert as well as a private oasis. Occasionally, tours are offered so that you can see the inside of the house. Otherwise, you can look up what all of these amenities look like from pictures online.

Maison a l’Orange

This private abode was in extreme disrepair for many years. It underwent a lot of renovation, and now, it is a stunning work of customization. It has entire walls of glass, and it includes a soaring roofline. It is an incredible piece of modernism, which is in right now. After you Google “interior designers near me,” you can ask about looking at modern pieces to see if they would work in your home.

Wexler Steel Houses

Wexler Steel Houses
One of the most defining characteristics of the Wexler Steel Houses is the wavy roof up top. The thing that makes these homes so unique is that they look like they were specifically customized for those buildings. However, the pieces were fabricated off-site and then the actual construction took a lot less time to undergo. As you consider pieces for your desert home, you want to consider the advantages of having pieces made somewhere else.

House of Tomorrow

The House of Tomorrow is famous for being the location where Elvis Presley and his wife, Priscilla, went on their honeymoon in 1967. While there is a lot of history, it is worth taking a tour to see the mid-century influences. It is open for tours, so your interior designer can book one for you to take a gander.

Twin Palms

Twin Palms
One of the most exciting neighborhoods around Palm Springs is the Twin Palms Estates. The houses in this area commonly have private pools, and they tend to have two palm trees out in the landscape. You can take a tour around the neighborhood to see if anything catches your interest. There are a lot of unique remodels, and you can even get ideas for your own house’s landscape.

You want your desert home to be specifically suited for the climate while still standing apart from other houses nearby. You can see pictures of these houses to give you ideas, but you should also have conversations with an experienced interior designer. Contact one today so that you can get started on your dream house.

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