Adults’ Guide Into the Best Three Wheel Electric Scooter Options

A three wheel scooter is not only fun sport but also a safe option for adults who cannot control the regular two wheel scooter. The 3 wheels ensure safety and stability while you enjoy the ride. A three wheel electric scooter provides you with the turning radius of two wheeler but stability of the 4 wheeler. Owing to these features, market is full of different models of these scooter for catering to the various needs of adults. After deliberate research we have named in this article all the finest electric scooter for you to decide which one is the best three wheel electric scooter for adults.

EW-19 Sporty Scooter

This EW-19 sporty scooter tops the list of best three wheel electric scooters in the market. It is a high speed and affordable scooter having a long range. The scooter has speed limits of up to 15 miles per hour and a single charge can travel up to 21 miles. The body of scooter is two toned i.e. red and black and has a stylish LED light at the front. The seat of scooter is very comfortable and big enough to seat all sizes of the riders big or small.
EW-19 Sporty Scooter

At the back of scooter is fitted a covered extra-large storage basket for carrying things while moving. The scooter comes with 3 different options of speed settings. Using an EW-19 sporty scooter is very easy and handy because its handlebar can be folded and seat can be removed easily. You can carry it around in your car by temporarily removing the handlebar and seat. All these features add up to make it your finest choice of three wheel electric scooter.

MotoTec MT-TRK-500

When it comes to speed, there is no other three scooter as good as the MotoTec MT-TRK-500. This scooter is powered with a 500W hub motor at the front wheel leading the scooter in reaching speeds of up to 22 miles per hour. So, it is the best option for fast riders who enjoy high speeds. The scooter provides you enough space for standing and has a comfortable seat for sitting. So you can enjoy the ride either way, making it a multi-purpose three wheel electric scooter.

A single charge gets you’re a range of more than miles. The front tire is pneumatic and almost 16″ while the two rear tires measure 9″ each. The seat is comfortable and removable to get more space for standing. Adults can easily operate the scooter with front drum brakes system and twist throttle without losing their balance. This scooter also comes with a front LED light and a huge cargo basket.

However, the assembly of the scooter can be a bit tricky and time consuming in the beginning.

EW-11 Three Wheel Moped

EW-11 Three Wheel Moped
Another eWheels scooter that is a top pick in the list of best three wheel electric scooters is the EW-11 three wheel moped. It is a vintage styled, charming scooter with classic 50’s style paint job. Riding this stylish bike you surely would get some heads up from passersby. It has speed limits of up to 18 miles per hour and drive range of up to 4o miles with single charge. The distinct features of this scooter include padded footrest and backrest, retro style headlights and dual mirrors on the handles.

Adult riders will surely enjoy a smooth ride on this scooter with dual rear shocks and front fork suspension. The hand brakes of scooter provide extra stability by quick stops. The best feature of this scooter is its anti-theft alarm system making you feel safe whenever you park your scooter somewhere.
So, this was an insight into the top 3 picks of the best three wheel electric scooter for adults. Do read this before you pick your electric scooter for a wise choice.

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