How to Write a Good Body Paragraph for an Argumentative Essay

You’re struggling to write an essay, right? Here’s a comforting fact: you’re not alone. All students come to the point of a writer’s block. Some face it sooner, others face it later. Some can complete a paper or two before getting stuck, and others cannot write a single assignment. What all students have in common is the struggle to get an academic lab report written perfectly.

Free online writing tips may help. There are dozens of guides you can follow. They tell you how to structure an essay according to the most common rules:

Introduction It guides the reader into the topic and includes a thesis statement.
Body It supports the thesis statement with valid arguments.
Conclusion It restates the thesis statement and draws a logical conclusion.


So what does the student do? They follow instructions. Online guides are good at explaining how to write a good hook and a great thesis statement. But then what? For the body paragraphs, they just tell you to write three of them. The only explanation you get is that they should support the thesis statement.

That’s not enough. It’s exactly why so many students get stuck in the middle of the process and decide to hire a research paper writing service. How about few tips that help you write a really good essay body?

Tips: How to Write the Best Paragraphs for an Essay

How to Write the Best Paragraphs for an Essay

1. Understand the Paragraph Structure

Each essay paragraph has three main parts:

Topic sentence This is the argument that supports the thesis statement.
Illustration It’s the part that explains and reinforces the topic sentence through examples and arguments.
Explanation It shows how this evidence is connected to the thesis statement and the paragraph that follows.


This is the aspect that most students neglect: the paragraph is part of the essay structure, but there’s structure within the paragraph, too. With the first sentence, you make a point that’s supposed to prove the thesis statement. Then, you explain how that point is valid, and then you connect it to the thesis statement.

It sounds complicated, right? Well it’s no wonder why dozens of students order essays from CustomWritings service on a daily basis. Papers are challenging. But with a bit of effort and attention to detail, you can learn how to write them.

2.   Start the Paragraph with a Topic Sentence

Start the Paragraph with a Topic Sentence

Let’s say you’re writing an essay on the causes and effects of environmental pollution. You narrow the theme down to the fact that palm oil plantations cause pollution, which affects our entire planet.

You need a topic sentence for the first paragraph. It should go in favor of the thesis statement. So you’ll write “Oil palm plantations produce high levels of VOCs (volatile organic compounds), which form ozone when reacting with nitrogen oxides under sunlight.”

That’s a very strong topic sentence. It makes sense, since you include scientific facts in it. It also gives you focus for this paragraph. In the rest of the paragraph, you’ll elaborate on that point to make it clearer.

3.   Illustrate Your Point

Once you make a point, you need to show why it makes sense. For example, the reader may not understand why ozone is harmful to our environment. You’ll elaborate on that, and you’ll reference research studies to make the argument stronger.

You can say that ozone, although it’s an essential part of the atmosphere, is harmful when its levels increase. You’ll discuss how it affects the vegetation and the ecosystem of our planet. Use examples, quotations, and references in this part.

4.   Explain How the Arguments Make Sense to Your Thesis Statement

This is the final section of the paragraph. It should relate the illustrative evidence to the thesis statement. Why are those facts important for proving the main point of your essay?

We’ll stick to the same example, just to make it clearer. You’ll explain that the level of VOCs that oil palm tree plantations emit is dangerous to the environment’s health, due to the fact that it increases ground-level ozone concentrations.

But remember: the body paragraph is not an isolated section of the essay. The final sentence should relate it to the paragraph that follows. For example, you can write that the increased levels of ozone also damage the plants in the region. Then, you’ll start the next paragraph with the main point that the damage on plants means more environmental pollution.

5.   It Should All Make Sense

You’ll write great body paragraphs when they are cohesive. You must maintain the logical flow within the paragraphs, but between them as well. Lack of logical flow is a major flaw in essay writing. It’s why professors criticize students, and it’s exactly why students turn to affordable custom writer help.


But you can write this essay alone. All you need to do is offer strong arguments in a logical flow. The above-listed tips explain how you can do that. It doesn’t seem that difficult, does it?

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