How to Turn Your Garden into a Sports Field

For anyone living at home with a garden, it’s likely that you don’t maximise the space within. Gardens are often hard to get right, purely because we have so many options. Part of you might want a nice secluded reading spot, while another part of you might want a fancy new vegetable patch. However, one thing that every garden should be used for is to turn your garden into some kind of sporting field.

When you look out on a garden and see a well-cut lawn with enough space to exercise and take part in sporting activity, it feels great. Who wants to look out on a messy piece of land without any detail to it? If you are going to have a sports field as a garden then do make sure your vision doesn’t get compromised by reading this.

It’s time to change it up and make your garden more unique and more satisfying. But how? How can one go about making sure that you have a garden that is suitable for some kind of sporting activity?

Whether you like to shoot hoops, slot them past the keeper, hit a few wickets or simply do some gymnastic experience, what matters in a conversion?

Solid, strong ground

First off, you want to make sure that you get some landscaping experts out to take a look at your sports field area. They should be looking to evaluate the condition of the terrain, and whether or not it would be suitable for having a full sports field on the land. You should look to get them involved as soon as you can, as they can take a full look at the ground and work out whether or not it’s in the condition you need.
Solid, strong ground

Foundations always matter!

Flat terrain

Next, make sure they can make the terrain as flat as can be. Even if you are going to be using this for some basketball, you want to make sure that the terrain is going to be as flat as possible. This avoids risks with turning ankles, spraining joints, or simply putting yourself at needless physical risk

A flat terrain is essential if you wish to turn your garden into a sports field. Make this a priority, and it’ll be much easier to get your terrain nice and flat, ensuring that it looks fresh and ready to play on.

The right material

Another factor in getting your garden turned into a sports field of some kind is to have the right material. For example, if you get real grass then you could play sports like football/soccer on it without any issue. Do that, though, and you run the risk of having grass that becomes bogged and muddy during the winter months.

Go for indoor soccer turf instead, and you can play on an artificial pitch all-year around. Just make sure you don’t go sliding along in celebration too often – you’ll end up with something akin to carpet burn – ouch!

The right size

Whether it’s a small 5-a-side pitch or even just a single goal to shoot into, you want to get the correct markings. Mark this out with the right kind of placement – whether it’s a tiny fence, a full cage, or anything that you wish to use – and make sure that there is a clear parameter with regards to the size of your sporting field.
The right size
This makes it easy to note where is a playable surface and where you want people to have space to sit down and relax otherwise. So, make sure you get it marked out nice and clearly.

High quality facilities

Lastly, make sure you get the best facilities installed. This is things like goal posts, basketball hoops, wickets, that kind of thing. Especially if you go down the route of getting a basketball hoop, you should look to get it secured as strong as possible – the same goes for a punchbag.

If needed due to weather, either get them fixed into the ground or have a place you can dismantle and/or store all of your sporting equipment. Get used to doing that, and you’ll soon have a little sporting venue that you can call your own personal stadium!

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